It sounds like Colton Parayko's hand is OK

It sounds like Colton Parayko's hand is OK


It sounds like Colton Parayko's hand is OK

Blues fans were ready to add Colton Parayko to the list of injured stars after the defenseman blocked a shot with his hand in the third period against the Colorado Avalanche. Parayko left the game with roughly 16 minutes left in the third period and didn’t return.

Thankfully, it sounds like Parayko is OK.

Fears were mounting after the Blues didn’t comment on Parayko’s status on Friday. With the team taking a day off after a couple grueling games, there wasn’t an opportunity to see whether or not Parayko would take the ice.

Building off of that, STLToday reports that Parayko’s hand isn’t wrapped (meaning it’s not broken), and the Blues haven’t made any roster changes suggesting Parayko would need to miss time.

It goes without saying that the Blues need Parayko to stay healthy and remain a constant presence on defense. So far, the Blues have had some pretty strong play from their defense – particularly in joining in on offense. There are some areas for improvement (looking at you, Joel Edmundson), but Parayko has been steady and the team is lucky that it sounds like he won’t miss any time.

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