Jerry Reese is Delusional at the Bye

Jerry Reese is Delusional at the Bye


Jerry Reese is Delusional at the Bye

I honestly dont know where to begin. There were so many absurd things said during GM Jerry Reese’s annual bye week media session that this guy belongs either (1) on stage doing comedy or (2) in a psychiatrist’s office for diagnosis.

On the Offensive Line: “Is our Offensive Line comparable to a lot of the OLs around the league? Absolutely it is!” Delusional. Watch other teams run block and push 3 yards forward. Watch other teams on 3rd & 1 get a yard. Watch other OLs pass protect for 3-4 seconds. We knew this OL was not comparable but were hoping it would get better. It did not. They have had ~5 or 6 different lines in 7 games, searching for who needs to play where so that they can get something done. He’s delusional or he’s lying. Either way that’s grounds for dismissal, spin bs or not.

On the 1-6 Giants: “We have nine games left. Don’t count us out yet. We’ve been left for dead before.” Cue the music from Aerosmith, Dream On.

On Ben McAdoo: “He’s smarter than all of us in this room. It’s not even close.” This is the guy that (1) doesn’t give up playcalling (2) makes no offseason Offensive adjustments (3) is clueless that lack of delegation hurts other team functions (4) calls a pitchout on 3rd & 1. No, he is not smarter than all of us. “All of us” asked for him to give up playcalling last season and after each game this season. Not so smart. It was obvious to everyone, including the owners, that he give up those duties. Except him.

On Ereck Flowers (wrt him as a Top 10 draft pick): “If you look at him compared to a lot of Left Tackles around the National Football League, he’s … there’s a bunch of comparables.” I can’t even dignify this with a comment. Delusional.

On not getting help for the OL: “We want to be a younger team.” Huh? John Jerry was brought back at 31. And your only attempt to get younger on OL was with Round 6 draft pick Adam Bisnowaty, who didn’t even make the roster.

On the team at 1-6: “Our backs are against the wall.” How about if you and Ben McAdoo’s backs don’t hit the door on your way out of Met Life Stadium permanently.

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