Anthony Rizzo Comes Up Big for Sick Girl

Anthony Rizzo Comes Up Big for Sick Girl

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Anthony Rizzo Comes Up Big for Sick Girl

12-year-old brain cancer patient (and Chicago Cubs fan) Abby Schrage woke up Friday to find her autographed Anthony Rizzo picture missing from her St. Louis hospital room.

Now, if you were worried the “Lovable Losers” would lose their luster after ending their 108-year championship drought a year ago…think again.

Word got to Rizzo (who battled cancer as a child) and, without hesitation, the All-Star first baseman replaced the picture and sent Schrage an autographed jersey.

“That is so incredibly sweet of him. It just makes me think even higher [of him]. I’m amazed our story reached him and that he took the time to reach out to us,” Schrage’s mom Jill said. “He’s just trying to put a smile back on our girl’s face.”

Suffice it to say, even though the Cubs aren’t in this year’s World Series, Rizzo is still coming up big in the clutch.


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