Saints Nation Guru #8 – Bears

Saints Nation Guru #8 – Bears


Saints Nation Guru #8 – Bears

Saints will be facing the 3rd NFC north team in a row and the 4th this week. Arguably the worst of the 4 and if they win it they come away with going 3-1 vs NFC North teams. That is something that is very good. I do not see any other NFC South team doing that this season.

Last game it was a very good defense and not a Saints defense at all. I mean, the Saints are notorious for allowing lots of yards while still coming up with plays to win… If they win. They did not have many big plays and still held Green Bay to under 300 yards of offense. Not what I had expected at all. It would not surprise me if I get the Falcons cup this week. Let me check. … Nope! I did not. Thank god I won the tie-breaker question.

First the answers; There was only 1 sack. If you have not seen this clip of Cameron Jordan; he is really bummed out he did not get 2. #HoldPackHold. There was only 1 turnover (INT by Vaccaro), so no 2 or more turnovers. There were 3 TDs (Ingram and Brees rushing and Coleman receiving). Like said, the Saints defense held the offense to under 300 yards, 181 yards rushing and 87 receiving; 268 yards total. Lutz kicked 2 field goals and made both. 28 yards and 44 yards, 78 combined.

I was waaay of in every question and had 0 correct, but luckily I was closer with the Tie-Breaker that means Tim Pearson wins the Falcons Cup. The Guru goes to Andrew Juge with 2 correct answers and only 6 yards off on the Tie-Breaker, just beating Mr. Stolfi keeping him from an early lead.

The leaderboard:

Saints Nation Guru

2 Micheal L. Stolfi
1 El Imanov
Chris Smith
Mateus João Feldhaus
Andrew Juge

Falcons Cup

2 Tim Pearson
1 Joseph Lopez
Andrew Juge
Micheal L. Stolfi
El Imanov

This weeks questions:

  • Do the Bears get over 10 completions?
  • Will the Saints allow a TD to a TE?
  • Does Cam Jordan Get a Sack?
  • Which Saint will score the first TD?
  • Tie-Breaker: Total passes defended by the Saints Defense?

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