#RaceToQBMountain Week 9 Watch List

#RaceToQBMountain Week 9 Watch List

Buffalo Wins

#RaceToQBMountain Week 9 Watch List

Welcome to Week Nine of the too hot for TV Buffalo Wins QB Mountain watch list.

Last Week Thoughts

As always, if you want a little analytics with your chat, PFF has a great roundtable looking at that side of the ledger for the gents we discuss #onhere.

The biggest issue from last week was the Notre Dame 49-14 beatdown of USC. Darnold looked okay, but at this point it’s become clearer to #DraftTwitter that my guy Josh Rosen is the belle of the ball, followed closely by Lamar Jackson. Jackson is a video game and to be honest, at this point in the season, with the Bills fighting to be remain playoff contenders dare I say into November – I wouldn’t mind a mid 20s pick (or trade up) to grab the Louisville play caller.

NFL Team Check ins:

Cleveland and San Francisco are still 0-fer, followed closely by the Giants and Colts with one and two wins respectively. I’m still shocked that the Colts somehow have 2 wins.

Because of this, as I’ve alluded to the last few weeks, the quarterback carousel free agent/trade wise will have just as much bearing as the candidates to draft themselves. If the 49ers get Cousins, or say Brees moves to team X, a lot can get shaken up. If the Bills continue winning, dare I say – they might even have the opportunity to draft someone and develop them without the guy being seen as “must start now now now”?

Games to Watch this Weekend: (All times EST)


Oklahoma State at West Virginia (12pm, ABC) – This is going to be a neat shootout. If Rudolph is 100%, he and Grier should having some fun slinging it. I’m really interested in seeing Grier live for the first time this season as well.

Louisville at Wake Forest (12:20pm, ACC Network) – Lamar Jackson is a one man demolition crew and the SS Pain is dropping anchor in Demon Deacon-ville.

Sorry, went full pro wrestling on ya.

Anyway, I think that this will be another opportunity to see how much this young man is growing week to week before our eyes. Questions of his toughness, accuracy and weight are falling by the wayside. If he spent a whole game in the pocket dealing, I’m sure some evaluators would faint.

NC State at Notre Dame (3:30pm, NBC) – Speaking of seeing live – I’ve seen Ryan Finley in bits and pieces, but I’m going to make a point of seeing this one from start to finish. Anyone that can get close the Russell Wilson’s int record in NCAA lore is going to get a raised eyebrow and glasses dip from me.

UCLA at Washington (3:30pm, ABC) – Husky defenses are fun things to watch, and having Rosen go up against such a formidable opponent can only help him cement his status.  

New Mexico at Wyoming (7:30pm, ESPU/WatchESPN) – At this point, seeing the number of teams who show up for Wyoming football is half the fun for these games. I’m anticipating a more composed Allen, but we’ll see!

Texas Tech at Oklahoma (8pm, ABC) – Mayfield playing “can you top this” with a Texas Tech team that’s been up-and-down in play will be another fun ABC watch. In particular, I want to see if questions about Mayfield’s height are as exaggerated as I think they are.

Washington State at Arizona (9:30pm, PAC-12 Network) – Luke Falk has fallen into a ditch and instead of climbing out somehow keeps digging deeper into said ditch. RichRod’s team is not the squad he’d want to face in such a situation, but such is life.

USC at Arizona State (10:45pm, ESPN) – If Darnold struggles here – and the rest of the season if we’re being frank, I’m interested to see what the fallout is. Should he still declare and force a team to develop him on the job more than they’d like – or come back and get the seasoning he needs?

That’s it for this week. Tweet us and let us know if we’ve missed a QB you’ve had your eyes on!

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