Vegas is good at costumes

Vegas is good at costumes

Barry Melrose Rocks

Vegas is good at costumes

Here is a small little slice of the team Halloween themed picture the Golden Knights put together, focusing closely on one of the most terrifying images of 2017. I’m of course talking about Jason Garrison dressed as a nun Watch out James Neal dressed as Pennywise, he’s right behind you!

Las Vegas is all about entertainment, and you would have to believe that part of that involves having many costumers on hand. It shows with these costumes, which are mostly pretty good, save for the fact that there are at least three minions and Nate Schmidt claims his Anakin Skywalker costume is homemade, which is all kinds of wrong in many different ways.

Vegas has been fun this season. They have an active Twitter handle that can rival the Kings, and they are winning like crazy. We are 10% of the way through the season, and they only have one loss. Those Kings are also sitting on one loss, but they have two games in hand with an extra win and an overtime loss. They are blowing other teams out of the water, and they can’t get away from the Knights.

The Golden Knights are new on the scene, winning like crazy and having a lot of fun. It’s only a matter of time before the old guard of NHL journalists really start to despise them.

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