Burning River Baseball Rekindled

Burning River Baseball Rekindled


Burning River Baseball Rekindled

Burning River Baseball has been around since the beginning of the 2011 season and we’ve been proud to provide free Indians based content nearly every day since then. We’ve been all over the park, covering everything from the Dominican Summer League to the World Series with plenty in between including a couple World Baseball Classics and a small amount of social commentary. We’ve covered current news, history and the future for the Indians, the American League Central division and baseball as a whole. Things are about to change.

Starting on November 1st when we are launching the first ten of our top 50 Cleveland Indians minor league prospects, Burning River Baseball will be shifting priorities almost entirely to the minor leagues. This doesn’t mean there won’t be any Major League content, but we will no longer be covering the Indians on a daily basis.

There are plenty of outlets for basic Indians news and reaction, so we feel that our readers will be better served by focusing in on an area that is often ignored. It is also an area where our staff has greater expertise than many other publications. That staff will remain the same as 2017 although some assignments have changed. You can interact with all of our writers on twitter:

Writer Assignment Twitter Handle
Joseph Coblitz AZL/AFL/Ext. ST @BurningRiverBB
Mike Melaragno Mahoning Valley @MikeMelaragno22
John Hutchison DSL @JohnArthurHutch
Caitlin Boron Lynchburg @CLE_ItIsGone
Gavin Potter Columbus/MLB @Gpotter_BRB
Justin Lada Lake County @JL_Baseball
Pete Conti Columbus @Yanks249
Jay Alan Akron @JayAlanCLE

While we will have less overall content, I hope that it will be of a higher quality and of greater interest to those looking to learn about the Cleveland Indians minor league system from those who have the access and ability to write about it. If you have any questions or comments about the change in focus, anyone is always free to tweet at me @BurningRiverBB or send an e-mail to BurningRiverBaseball@gmail.com.

On a final note, unfortunately, we do not have a writer that lives close enough to Lynchburg, Virginia or Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic to cover those teams in person. If you do live close enough to either city to cover the team regularly and have some writing experience, please e-mail me at the address listed above for an opportunity to join the BurningRiver crew.

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