BOO! The anguish of the Redskins fan at the trade deadline. Terrelle Pryor still with us.

BOO! The anguish of the Redskins fan at the trade deadline. Terrelle Pryor still with us.


BOO! The anguish of the Redskins fan at the trade deadline. Terrelle Pryor still with us.

Oh boy! To read the anguish of Redskins fans that the Redskins did NOT – “failed to” is the common term – execute a season saving trade by yesterday’s deadline. It is the most “sky is falling” thing you will see this week.

There were whispered trades all weekend. Fans in a frenzy pounced on each, like it was real.

There was the one where the Bills were in talks to trade DT Marcel Dareus for Redskins WR Terrelle Pryor.

And then there was that one about trading Jamison Crowder and a draft pick to the Dolphins for Jarvis Landry. THAT one should have been instantly recognized as a spoof.

And there were the too numerous to count pleas for the Redskins to trade for anything Kirk Cousins, the most productive skilled player on offense. Don’t worry about Kirk. He’ll be fine next year. It only took a moment for Kirk to Pittsburgh rumors to surface.

We are only four or five years removed from Daniel Snyder stupidity on short-sighted deals based on name recognition. You’d think fans would have learned something like,


Feeler calls go from one team to another. Somebody leaks it; Could be an agent, player, team, rival or amateur that wants to be the first to blog.

These rumors made no sense, however.

The Bills could use immediate wide receiver help. Nothing about Pryor’s game in Washington suggests he is that help. Nor would DT Dareus help enough to fix Redskins injuries in the secondary.

The Bills wanted to unload Dareus’ contract. Picking him up meant the ‘Skins absorbing his cap hits of $10 million and up for the next four years. Fans never look at real money in these deals. They should.

This was part of an orgy of “Pryor is a bust, let’s dump him now” rumors. Hey, we feel your pain.


The Bills unloaded Dareus’ contract on the Jaguars for a 2018 sixth-round Draft pick. The Bills traded two Draft Picks to Carolina for the Panthers No. 1 wide out, Kelvin Benjamin.

The Redskins signed veteran D-lineman Arthur Jones.


Why, WHY, on Earth would the Redskins trade its one productive receiver, Crowder, for another receiver? That might make them even, but not better, on roster talent. Plus, Crowder, home grown talent that may be one of the best slot receivers in the game.

The sane and sober Rich Tandler probably put it best. Don’t get your hopes up.

Be skeptical when you read preposterous headlines on the Internet.

And don’t give up on the season either. The NFC East is out of reach. But if critical players can come back from injury in a few weeks, a Wild Card shot is plausible.

Fight ‘til you have won, Sons of Washington!

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