Georges St-Pierre Scouting Report

Georges St-Pierre Scouting Report

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Georges St-Pierre Scouting Report

Georges St-Pierre


5’10” 185 lbs (Middleweight)
76″ reach, Orthodox
May 23, 1981


26-2 (UFC: 20-2)

Current Streak

13 straight wins


3rd Dan Brown Belt in Kyokushin Kaikan
Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
Black Belt in Gaidojutsu
Black Belt in Shidokan


Championships Held

UCC/TKO Welterweight Champion: 2002 (one successful title defense)
UFC Welterweight Champion: 2006-2007 (no successful title defenses), 2008-2013 (nine successful title defenses)
UFC Interim Welterweight Champion: 2007 (no title defenses)
UFC Middleweight Champion: 2017-present (no title defenses)



– very experienced
– very long reach
– master in multiple martial arts disciplines (four black belts)
– superb MMA wrestler – perhaps best in the sport
– a takedown machine
– great takedown defense also
– great boxing skills – terrific jab
– versatile striking game
– next to impossible to KO or submit
– great cardio
– terrific athlete
– great ground and pound
– great at passing guard
– great striking defense
– goes for lots of submissions on the ground
– very well coached
– extremely cerebral fighter
– extremely quick at closing ground/shooting takedowns



– doesn’t finish fights
– no knockout power
– can be knocked out & submitted (although very rare)
– doesn’t land many strikes in the clinch
– has admitted to not being motivated in the past
– can be overly cautious
– on wrong side of 30 now
– will be a small middleweight
– had some cardio issues in comeback fight



What more can you say about GSP?  One of the best ever.


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