Saints Nation Guru #10 - Bills

Saints Nation Guru #10 - Bills


Saints Nation Guru #10 - Bills

So that was a very nice game. For once it went the way we expected. Thing is though, the offense can not put one great game together. Well as long as they are winning I am not complaining. Next week they are up against the Bills. They played crap; I just hope this is not a trap game for the Saints.

On to the Guru. The Saints should have given up only 3 points but because of Snead’s muffed punt (because Ginn muffed one) they got 7 more. In the end they had only 10 points so, no, not more then 10 points. The longest rush allowed by the Saints was for 15 yards and that was to the QB. No other rush went over 10 yards. So 0! Yes there were 2 turnovers; the blocked punt (the last good Special teams play) and the fumble recovered. Kamara fumbled a ball but Mark Ingram did not, so No on question 4. The Saints leading rusher had 77 yards, no Angry Mark Ingram…

ALERT! Hell has frozen over! I have all 4 questions correct and I am the only one to do so. Congratulations me! You are awesome! 🙂 I am finally somewhere in the leaderboards. The Falcons Cup; Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a contender! There was someone who only had 1 answer correct; and though Ingram was the number one rusher and not Kamara, he predicted Kamara would get exacly 68 yards which he did. He knows his stuff, he is leading the Guru, but now he will be runner up to the Falcons cup too. It is Micheal L. Stolfi.

The leaderboard:

Saints Nation Guru

2 Micheal L. Stolfi
Mateus João Feldhaus
1 El Imanov
Chris Smith
Andrew Juge
Marijn Pessers

Falcons Cup

3 Tim Pearson
2 Micheal L. Stolfi
1 Joseph Lopez
Andrew Juge
El Imanov

This weeks questions:

They are all on the defense; and the first 4 questions have all a bonus question. Bonus questions give you an extra point, only if you have the original question correct.

  1. Which Saints Safety that records the most tackles? Bonus question; How many?
  2. Which Saints CB has the most passes defended? Bonus question: How many?
  3. Which Saints LB has the most tackles? Bonus question: How many?
  4. Which Saints Defensive Lineman has the most sacks? Bonus Question: How many?
  5. Tie-Breaker: The total number of QB hits (all individual SAINTS players combined)?

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