How To Buy NFL Tickets at a Discount (For

How To Buy NFL Tickets at a Discount (For


How To Buy NFL Tickets at a Discount (For

Few things compare to the thrill of being part of the NFL live audience. Unfortunately, the experience does not come cheap because so many people clamor for it. And if you are a devoted football fan who is not willing to let a little cash separate you from a live NFL experience, then you are about to learn how you can buy NFL tickets at a discount. Even if you can afford the few hundred dollars required to get into a top NFL game involving a team like the Giants or the Patriots, the discount is worth considering since you have to pay for food, beverages as well as parking. 

How to Save on NFL Tickets

Don’t Go It Alone

Groups going to NFL games can negotiate better rates and get a discount on the tickets. This is therefore a good way to keep the cost of the tickets down. In fact, you might even watch some games for free; such as when you are part of an alumni organization. There are alumni groups that can attend some games at no charge. 

Wait it Out

Sellers get more desperate to offload tickets towards the sporting event since they will be worth nothing afterwards. At these times, prices can take a dive and you can swoop on them at a discount. Granted, this might represent some compromise when it comes to issues like choosing sitting positions. However, the trick can help you enjoy significant cash savings. 

This strategy works best if you can wait until the last 24 to 48 hours before the game. At this point, most tickets are usually 30 per cent cheaper than they were 2 or 3 weeks before. This trick even works with the scalpers selling tickets on the parking lot. In fact, if you happen to buy the ticket when the game has already started, you can expect to get it for well below its face value. Tech-loving football fans have even designed an app that lets you know when the ticket has hit your target price as the event approaches.

Be warned though, this tactic can go the other way in case demand for tickets increases. This can happen when something comes up and causes the demand for a team’s tickets to go up as the match day approaches. 

Get Tickets from the Team

Gone are the days when there were long waiting lists for seasons tickets. These days, teams are struggling to get people to pay for these tickets, and that means they are willing to consider price discounts to make sure these tickets sell. Even regular tickets are not selling as readily as they used to in the past; and teams are therefore willing to be more flexible in their pricing to keep their stadium seats occupied. 

Search for Discounted Deals

Discounts exist mainly for those who seek them. So, it pays to do a little research before paying for a ticket to ensure you are getting as good a price as you can possibly get. Even for the big games where most people have thought of looking for discounted tickets, a little research can help you land a discounted ticket deal”, says coupon expert Matt of Lodlois and Wikigains, two sites offering coupon codes and discount deals. The savings in this scenario can actually be significant considering how expensive tickets to face offs between top games can be. 

Travel a Bit

For popular teams, home games are usually always a little pricey. But when such teams travel, even if they don’t go far, the ticket prices to their games can drop drastically. This can be a chance to enjoy their games at deeply discounted prices. But you have to be wise about this. If you are traveling very far, then it might not be worth the hustle since you might need to pay a lot for lodging and the long distance travels. However, when the games are close by and you can make the journey to the game and back, the cost benefits will be very compelling. 

Attend Night Games

People prefer to watch games in the afternoon, not at night. NFL fans are especially averse to night games during the weekdays. Research has even shown that Monday Night Football games are about 20% cheaper that Sunday games. So, watching the game at times when most fans would rather be doing other things could mean enjoying discounted ticket prices. 

Avoid Games with High Profile Teams

Ticket prices are higher when their demand is higher. This is typically the case when big teams are going against each other. So, you should be more selective about the games you attend, even if it means missing some big names. In fact, this makes even more sense when your favorite team is not on the high profile match up. 

 There is no point spending copious amounts of money to watch a game where you are not even a fanatic of any of the competing teams. Spare such opportunities for your favorite team. The selectiveness can help you save lots of money. However, if you are bent on being part of a game involving a high profile team, then pick games where such a team is going against a less popular team. This will ensure that you pay much less for the tickets.

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