Quarterback Dan Marino on his NutriSystem Experience. Gives Weight Loss Tips. 

Quarterback Dan Marino on his NutriSystem Experience. Gives Weight Loss Tips. 


Quarterback Dan Marino on his NutriSystem Experience. Gives Weight Loss Tips. 

Everyone likes looking good, right? While keeping up with the latest fashion trends is okay, you will agree with me that your weight contributes to how good you look. Many people are trying to lose weight, and there are as many weight loss programs out there. While this is the case, finding a weight loss program that lives up to its promises can be quite a task. 

However, as American football legend, Dan Marino attests, there are still some very effective weight loss programs available today. Marino was able to lose over 20 pounds with a program called NutriSystem. But before looking at this program;

Who is Dan Marino?

Born in 1961 in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, Daniel Constantine Marino is a former National Football League player. He was a quarterback for the NFL side Miami Dolphins. He is regarded as one of the greatest NFL quarterbacks as he still holds several NFL records. For instance, in the 1984 NFL season, Dan Marino threw for 5,084 yards and 48 touchdowns. Throughout his career, Marino threw for 58, 913 yards and recorded 408 scores, which are still NFL records.

Best known for his big and powerful arm and quick release, Dan Marino played for the Dolphins for 17 years leading them to the playoffs ten times. He retired in 2000 after winning a playoff match against the Seattle Seahawks.

What is NutriSystem?

NutriSystem is a 28-day weight loss program that entirely focuses on food. After choosing a plan, clients have packed foods delivered to them daily (the company ships all your day’s meals to you). Besides portion control, the program is also keen on balancing nutrients for clients which is very critical for people intending to shed off weight. 

NutriSystem has experienced dietitians and nutritional experts who design the various meals plans. Is Nutrisystem healthy?The plans include lean protein, high fiber foods, low-glycemic carbohydrates, and an excellent mix of other essential nutrients. The foods do not contain any trans fats, flavors, colors or sweeteners. NutriSystem balances carbs and calories for their clients, so once you choose a plan, you do not need to worry about the portions and the calories. 

Breakfasts include such meals as muffins, pancakes, oatmeal, and granola. For lunch and dinner, clients choose from pasta, chicken, stew, tacos, pizza, etc. Nutrisystem’s plans do not include fruits, vegetables, nuts, and dairy. 

While you have the opportunity to choose meals yourself from the wide variety the company offers, you can purchase a 28-day package in which the company selects the meals for you. There are meal plans for men, women, vegetarians, individuals with diabetes, and people older than sixty years. However, there are no plans for expectant mothers and children under 14.

How Dan Marino lost weight with NutriSystem

After seeing his friend Jim Stuckey (also a former NFL player) successfully lose over 40 pounds with NutriSystem, Dan Marino was motivated to want to shed off some pounds too, so he contacted NutriSystem. He says after retirement, he had gained a lot of weight and given he had got a job as a TV analyst; he had to be in his best shape. 

Marino says that NutriSystem is the best decision he has ever made. While his goal was to lose 20 pounds, he ended up losing 22 pounds and got back to his 1983 weight when he was playing pro football. Marino mentions that with NutriSystem, you have a range of foods to eat. He says he would eat foods that he liked including pot roast, hot dogs, burgers, pizza, meatballs, lasagna, etc. while still losing weight.

In 2006, NutriSystem Inc. launched NutriSystem for Men and signed Dan Marino as the company’s spokesman. Since its inception, this suite of programs has helped a lot of men to lose weight, some of which are former athletes. Marino says that he is still on the NutriSystem to not only manage his weight, but also stay healthy. Bestiews.com has more info about Nutrisystem.

Dan Marino’s weight loss tips

It is clear that Dan Marino has had a lot of success as far as weight loss is concerned. The NFL legend has been generous enough to share some of his weight loss tips;

1. Weight loss is not just about exercises

Even after retiring, Marino kept working out, but he noticed he was still gaining weight. Trying to lose weight by exercising without a proper meal plan hardly works. While working out is also necessary (because it comes with a range of other health benefits), you need to incorporate such a plan as Nutrisystem in your weight loss program.

2. Find someone to work with

Going it alone can be a bad decision. Marino points out that his wife was especially very supportive and helped him through his weight loss journey. A study done by Indiana University reported that individuals who work out alone are more likely to quit. If you don’t have a spouse, a sibling or a friend to join a program with, make friends in the gym or join a fitness club. This way, you get to share tips, encourage each other and find the motivation to keep going until you meet your goals.

3. Get inspiration 

Real world inspiration may just be what you need to give you the motivation you are lacking. Dan Marino was, for instance, inspired by his friend Jim Stuckey who had lost over 40 pounds with Nutrisystem.

When you have a real interest to lose weight, communicating with someone that has had success will keep the fire in you burning. You can also go online to the Nutrisystem Success Story pages where you are sure to find several active users. The motivation and inspiration you will get will be very helpful.

4. Stay positive

Marino advises individuals intending to lose weight to have the right mindset and stay committed to their weight programs. Above all, believing you can achieve your goals is vital. 

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