Cardinals Try To Get Involved With My Dating Life

Cardinals Try To Get Involved With My Dating Life


Cardinals Try To Get Involved With My Dating Life

Was I blogging this weekend?

I was.

Am I single?

I am.

Did the Cardinals data mine my personal information in order to target a marketing message with one of their corporate partners in order to remind me that the first thing often correlates with the second thing?

Appears so.

Here’s an email that I got on Monday AM:

Appears they didn’t put too much of an effort into the search for my soulmate though, since they served me up a cross-section of pics on this email that suggest I’m willing to date pretty much any woman or man “near me” as long as they love watching Cardinals baseball.

Check that.

As long as they like any baseball team, since they helpfully included the logos of all 30 MLB teams.

Thanks for looking out, Cardinals.

I appreciate the thought.

But I’ll stick to crying into my keyboard while dreaming of my next LARP meet-up.


1. This is most likely a marketing message sold by MLB and distributed through each teams email database (either by mandate from MLB or MLB has control of all teams email lists and sent it out themselves). But the way the message is constructed leads me to believe that this was much more of a random eBlast (i.e. putting pics up of a wide cross-section of people, including all teams logos as a ‘just in case’).

This 1/2 in 1/2 out email targeting almost certainly led to people getting this email that aren’t single. Fingers crossed it didn’t cause any breakups yesterday.

2. You can almost feel yourself in the room with the MLB/Cardinals salesperson and “Our fans are super passionate and the single fans would love to meet someone to share special Cardinals moments with other than just their friends.”


Personally, I found the email amusing. I was part of a CPM that paid for. I opted into the Cardinals email list voluntarily and the team is trying to make money off me any way that they can. It’s all part of the game.

For me.

I’d just caution the Cardinals that not everyone shares my whimsical attitude when it comes to crossing the bridge from player signings and ticket specials to my love life. Every sales opportunity is not created equal… just saying.

3. You think those 8 people know how many baseball fans judged them yesterday? It takes a brave soul to pose for stock photos not knowing where they’ll show up down the road.

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