WaterCooler: Dancing with the Stars

WaterCooler: Dancing with the Stars

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WaterCooler: Dancing with the Stars

It took 23 seasons before David Ross became baseball’s first (and only) dancer on ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars” earlier in 2017. And during the show’s 24th season, the two-time World Series champion finished in second place.

So, as the hit ABC’s show winds down, this week’s WATERCOOLER question is easy…which player (past or present) you would like to see on the show?

PHIL HECKEN – Uni Watch Blog

I don’t watch Dancing With The Stars, although I have seen some clips from the show — on the Twitterverse that’s practically unavoidable. As such, I’m probably not the most qualified to even proffer an opinion. Were I have to select an athlete, I’d probably go with Bartolo Colon. There’s nothing that man can’t do — for a big guy, he’s the most graceful I’ve seen. He has displayed cat-like reflexes and even has the behind-the-back throw down. I mean, c’mon, if this guy’s not a natural, no one is.

JULIE DICARO – 670 The Score

I want (to see) John Lackey with a big wad of dip in his mouth and a chip on his shoulder. I also love how mad he makes fans of other teams.

TED GIANNOULAS – The Famous San Diego Chicken

I’ve got three I’d like to see. First is Javier Baez. He’s shown such graceful range at every position he’s played, be it second, short or third, all of which inherently requires a different sense of footwork. He’d be a natural on the floor.

I’d also like to see Brett Gardner. Long recognized as being quick and nimble on his feet, to go along with his stout body, he’d be excellent at ballroom dancing, especially when it would come to lifting his dance mate.

Lastly…Lou Brock. Even at 78, I’ll bet he’s still got it. He may have been the strongest bodied base stealer the game ever saw, no one ever saw him stumble on the bases or in the field; he was the James Brown of the diamond.

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