Jaylen Brown is SHUTTING DOWN some all-star level players

Jaylen Brown is SHUTTING DOWN some all-star level players

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Jaylen Brown is SHUTTING DOWN some all-star level players

Like most of his teammates, Jaylen Brown is playing some strong defense this season. His defensive rating of 94.8 ranks 9th in the league (3rd if you only include players averaging 30+ minutes).

If you want some in-depth analysis of Jaylen’s on-ball and off-ball work, I highly recommend John’s piece in Boston.com.

Brown isn’t putting up these defensive numbers against chopped liver.

ESPN Stats & Information notes that Boston has faced 11 All-Stars from last season during its 16-game winning streak. Those players have combined for a 14.7 player efficiency rating, which is essentially worse than a league-average player (15 PER).

That group features the likes of Stephen CurryKevin DurantGiannis AntetokounmpoRussell Westbrook, and Kemba Walker. Those players are averaging a mere 18.4 points per game on 42 percent shooting, per ESPN Stats & Information research.

According to data from Second Spectrum, 21-year-old swingman Jaylen Brown has spent more time guarding All-Stars than anyone else on the team during the streak, and he has allowed just 88 points per 100 possessions in the half-court.


Brown is also rebounding like a beast. His 6.7 rpg is 5th among guards (Simmons, Westbrook, Ball, James).

Let’s take a quick look at some of the other 2016 draftees rumored to be in the mix when the Celtics selected at #3 and see how they’re stacking up (or not) against Jaylen (106.1 ORTG, +11.1 net):

  • Jamal Murray: +7.4 net (111.8 ORTG/104.4 DRTG)
  • Kris Dunn: -5.5 net (96.6/102.1)
  • Buddy Hield: -13.7 net (93/106.7)
  • Dragan Bender: -14 net (98.5/112.4)

Brown is also outperforming Jimmy Butler, a guy many of us (raises hand) wanted to acquire with the #3 pick.

Never doubt Danny. NEVER.

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