WAS 20 NYG 10

WAS 20 NYG 10


WAS 20 NYG 10

A recap of the game begins in paragraph 4.

More vomit. At this point the only reason why I’m bothering to watch these pointless games is to keep tabs on any meaningful change that would cause me to reassess my views on McAdoo and Reese. There are none. The mainstream media is trying to weave a narrative where they save these guys’ jobs. Do not buy it. Do not believe it. It’s garbage and this team needs a reset.

Yes, we would all like to keep tabs on the 3 young WRs. We’d like to see some development of other players, including the replacement OLmen like Jones and Wheeler. And when the Giants are mathematically eliminated I’d like to see Davis Webb suit up and play after Eli gets his starts.

So what happened in Fedex Field? The Redskins are beset with injuries. They made a calamity of errors… so many, that if I were a skins blogger, I could write an entire post on their stupidity and mismanagement. Yet, because the Giants were able to muster a grand total of 3 pts of Offense, the Gmen lost anyway. The key to understanding (how) a WASH team (that went toe to toe with the Saints in the dome and then went putrid a week later) was the loss of RB Chris Thompson. According to Anthony Brown of SkinsHogHeaven, “his loss was enormous. He was a big part of the Offense all year.” Without Thompson (broken fibula last week), and Reed out, all that was left was Crowder. Crowder obliged with 7 catches for 141 yards. To put that in perspective, the entire Giants Offense had 162 yds before garbage time padded 36 yards of fiction onto the final number. Yes, it was that bad. I don’t believe the Giants generated a single first down in H2 until that final meaningless possession. Weave that into your narrative for saving McAdoo.

Speaking about fiction, the Giants got 6 sacks. 4 of them were coverage sacks and a fifth was Kennard moving right past the Guard. JPP did get one real sack. The story was Cousins sitting back there all day and finally getting just enough to overcome a pick 6 vs Jenkins (which tied the game at 10-10). So this game was mostly 20-3. The Jenkins INT was an oops that deflected off the WR into the air so that JJ could lift it and weave his way to the end zone. Good thing. Otherwise we not make it to 10 pts with another 60 minutes of play.

Would the Giants Offense benefit significantly from Sterling Shepard, who scratched again at game time (ugh, how much do we worry about “migraines”?)? Yes. The important thing to realize is that the Redskins were MORE depleted than the Giants. They played without so many players that their roster was barely recognizable. They were WITHOUT Trent Williams, their star LT (who will probably need reconstructive knee surgery at year’s end). Think about that when understanding the crickets pass rush.

During the game, Cris Collinsworth said there’s something not right about JPP… indeed, he’s playing hurt so his impact is mostly invisible. He made one play. That’s it. One of the reasons why we voiced objection to his re-signing was that he was oft-injured. That is what we have. Sure, we can applaud him fighting through whatever it is he has, but don’t go applauding GM Jerry Reese for wasting $62M on this guy. With $40M guaranteed as well, it’s a deal we were hoping would get 1-2 yrs out of once it happened. So far we aren’t even getting that. It’s a waste. It’s more Jerry Reese. At this point the lows are lower and the highs are lower. It’s time for a reset. Do not listen to ideas of wonderfulness from beat writers who will regale you with fabulous upticks at the hands of an Ezekiel-less Cowboys team (their offense has ground to a halt), the woeful 26th ranked OAK Defense, or the mediocre AZ Cardinals (who somehow lost to the depleted Texans). It is actually possible for the Giants to collect as many as 3 more wins in the next 5 games. It’s a mirage. It will mean little.

Let’s take a tangent on Eli Apple. He was a healthy scratch for KC. What is happening? After KC, reporters asked McAdoo if he’s going to be playing on Thursday vs Washington. “Yes. He was here today and went through practice.” Will it be a normal week for him then? “It’s a normal week for him, yes.” So what happens 3 days later? Eli Apple is a healthy scratch again and doesn’t play. He’s inactive and does not dress. McAdoo is queried about why Apple was inactive again. He said Apple was inactive due to missed practice time and a short week. Huh? Apple has declined comment. There is something being held back by McAdoo. His handling of this and so many decisions is at best inaccurate and aloof. Do you have confidence in this man’s leadership? Does he inspire his players? I don’t want to waste my time seeing if he can grow into this responsibility. Who likes OR respects this guy enough to play for him? He got a little respect back when Mara said he was the coach until the end of the season. Do not believe that the players are fighting for McAdoo.

What is the best thing about this 20-10 contest? We don’t have to hear about the Giants for 10 days. The best thing about this loss? We don’t have to hear the mainstream media patronize the fans with how well the coaches and GM are doing… for 10 days.

All you need to know is the Giants s*cked worse than the decimated and sloppy Redskins.

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