Could 2017 Saints play 2009 Saints in a movie?

Could 2017 Saints play 2009 Saints in a movie?


Could 2017 Saints play 2009 Saints in a movie?

Anytime you try to recreate something from your past it’s normally difficult. Think about that dish you made one time that was full of flavor and spice. The next time you tried either an ingredient was missing, or you almost burned your house down. That’s exactly what recreating can do, you either come up short or you whiff completely. The focus on past elements versus the present standing is a battle most can’t configure. Now while remembering that, try to replicate someone else’s work in various areas.

Sounds pressing, doesn’t it?

Tell that to that the 2017 New Orleans Saints’ offense.

Just think, if the 2009 Saints’ offense were creating a movie. You could arguably plug in many of the 2017 Saints to play various roles. On one side you would have Mike Thomas as Marques Colston. On the other would be Ted Ginn as Devery Henderson. Who would play Lance Moore’s role? Willie Snead of course and Drew Brees is well…..Drew Brees. Leading the NFL again in completion percentage will do that for you.


Just like most actors, these guys aren’t exact replicas of who they’re playing, but they’re as close as we’ll possibly ever get. You have Brandon Coleman who plays that blocking receiver role that Payton loves so much. In 2009, Robert Meachem was that guy. Max Unger plays Jonathan Goodwin as the battle-tested pro bowl center; Andrus Peat and Larry Warford do their best mauler impressions as Jahri Evans and Carl Nicks. While the tackles in 17 are much better than the ones in 09. You’d take an older Jeremy Shockey and the 09 TE’s over Coby Fleener and 2017. Wouldn’t you?

Hell, even 2017 Sean Payton the play caller is similar to 2009. So far, the Saints have a 53.2:46.7 pass to run ratio. 2009 finished with an almost identical 53.7:46.2 ratio. That’s downright scary how these elements all have worked together to look so similar. For as many comparisons this season has drawn to 2009 however, there could have been more. And if you believe in history repeating, there should have been more.

Critics wondered how Adrian Peterson would fit in NOLA’s offense, Payton probably saw Mike Bell. Mike Bell was a hard-nosed running specialist, rarely used on passing downs. That should have been Peterson’s role. While rookie stud Alvin Kamara was supposed to play Reggie Bush. The difference in social status made a Mike Bell/Adrian Peterson role very hard to come to life. Instead, Mark Ingram is playing Mike Bell’s role. Kamara is Bush, and the two are splitting Pierre Thomas and doing a damn good job at it.

It’s yet to be seen if the Saints led by their offense, will rip off 13 straight. Eight, however, feels just as good. 2009 finished with a championship and felt like destiny in numerous areas. For every “Raging Bull” or a “Malcolm X,” there’s a “Jobs” or an “Amelia”. Biographical films are difficult because with every character’s success, can be followed by a failure. Just don’t tell these Saints that, as they look built to finish this script and live “happily ever after” once again.

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