Alex Smith struggling has calls for QB change in Kansas City

Alex Smith struggling has calls for QB change in Kansas City


Alex Smith struggling has calls for QB change in Kansas City

After five games in 2017 season, Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith was a front runner for the MVP.

The Chiefs were undefeated, and Alex Smith had tossed 11 touchdown passes with zero interceptions. Then the Chiefs suffered back-to-back losses against the Steelers (who have their number the last couple of seasons) and a Thursday night thriller against Oakland, in which the Raiders got not 1, not 2, not 3, not 4, but 5 chances to score what would be, the game winning touchdown in a 31-30 game.

Still, at 5-2, Smith was still playing at a high level, now with 15 touchdown passes and zero interceptions. A bounce back win against Denver on October 30 though, has been followed by three nasty games, with Alex Smith at the center of it all.

A 28-17 loss at Dallas was followed by a 12-9 overtime loss to the one win NY Giants, and finally, a home loss to the Buffalo Bills one week after starting the quarterback they had just benched the week before.

During that three game stretch, Alex Smith has been brutal- 72 completions on 110 attempts for 692 yards, three touchdown passes, and four interceptions. And if stats don’t tell the stories, check out Clay Wendler over on Twitter, whose film study shows the lack of awareness Alex tends to show on the football field- from missing reads, to missing wide open receivers, to leaving the pocket seconds before a receiver breaks open, it’s all here in his tweets. Here’s a sample:

It’s plays like this that frustrate the fan base in Kansas City, and feed the frenzy to pull Alex in favor of the rookie, Patrick Mahomes. Head coach Andy Reid has already said, that isn’t happening, but a fourth straight loss next week, could change things very quickly.

Alex Smith already looks like he’s done in KC after this season when Mahomes was drafted, his poor play could usher his exit much sooner than expected.

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