Jimmy G time in San Francisco

Jimmy G time in San Francisco


Jimmy G time in San Francisco

For those who were looking forward to seeing Jimmy Garoppolo make his 49ers debut in Week 12 against Seattle, you would had to have waited until the last minute of the game for the arrival of JimmyG.

And it was awesome.

In relief for an injured CJ Beathard, Garoppolo ran for 4 yards on 3rd and 5, completed a 9-yard pass on 4th and 6th (after a false start), and then in a very calm and cool way, stood tough in the pocket, rolled to his left, and fired a touchdown pass to Louis Murphy Jr. with no time left on the clock.

Other than maybe a point spread getting destroyed, the touchdown had zero outcome on the game- Seattle 24, San Francisco 13.

But for 49er fans, the end result didn’t matter, because those final 67 seconds may have been the most uplifting and inspiring of the season.  No 49er fans cheered the injury to CJ Beathard, if anything, Niner fans know how tough he is and do fully appreciate his play as their QB on the team- no this was more about their excitement to finally see Garoppolo play.

And he played well enough (two-for-two for 18 yards and a touchdown pass) to warrant a start next week against his home state Chicago Bears.

The 49ers have been searching for a franchise quarterback since the Colin Kaepernick era began to crumble in 2014, and going from Blaine Gabbert to Brian Hoyer, along with two horrendous seasons in a row, San Francisco fans finally have something to look forward to:

Jimmy Garoppolo!

Beathard on the other hand, has pretty much cemented his spot on the 49ers, it’s Garoppolo’s role that has yet to be determined. It’s JimmyG time in San Francisco, and 49er fans are very excited to see if the QB they call “Baby Goat”, is worth all the hype.

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