Celtics actually practice, prepare for Embiid-less Sixers

Celtics actually practice, prepare for Embiid-less Sixers

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Celtics actually practice, prepare for Embiid-less Sixers

The Boston Celtics have played a ridiculous early season schedule that hasn’t given them two days off in more than a month (they had three days off October 21-23). Going four-plus weeks playing a game every other day (with a couple of back-to-backs for additional stupidity) doesn’t give the team much chance to do much more than talk on a plane or have a couple of walk-throughs.

The fact that they went 17-2 in that stretch is beyond amazing. Getting a day off and a solid practice is perfect after going 2-2 in the last four games. Here are a couple of notes from the day:

Al Horford is on the Tatum Train: 

“We have Tatum at 19, and wait ’til you see him in two years,” Horford said. “He’s way ahead of the game. We weren’t expecting this from him. It gets you excited when you think about it.”

We’ve been saying it since summer league… this kid is really damn good. As I’ve said, Tatum is well positioned for a lot of Rookie of the Year votes. He might come back down to earth a little as the season wears on, but he’s on his way to being something special

Brad Stevens is not satisfied with anything

Even when things are going great, there’s always something to nitpick as a coach. There’s plenty for the Celtics to work out, though. One of my biggest concerns right now is Marcus Morris as a starter, which has statistically been bad so far. But right now I’m not sure if his struggles are because he came in during his stretch where there’s been no practice or if there’s something bigger going on. Will Brad Stevens have to make a change to his starting lineup or will some extra reps and film help him get into a better groove.

That was one of the topics Jay King and guest Chris Forsberg discussed in the latest Locked On Celtics podcast. You can listen to that here:

Kyrie having some fun with the guys

And of course… the Kyrie quote of the day

Masked. Woke. Untucked.

Celtics take on Philly tomorrow… but you won’t see Joel Embiid

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