Davis Webb 'idolizes' Eli Manning, has learned much from him

Davis Webb 'idolizes' Eli Manning, has learned much from him

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Davis Webb 'idolizes' Eli Manning, has learned much from him

Eli Manning’s loss may end up being Davis Webb’s gain, as the Giants stated that the rookie could see some playing time this season in the wake of the veteran’s benching.

The team selected Webb with the 87th pick in this year’s draft, and with the Giants currently sporting an abysmal 2-9 record, New York really doesn’t have anything to lose. The Giants’ 2017 campaign has been a disaster, and it can’t be salvaged, so the team might as well see what it has in the rookie quarterback. As for Sunday, Geno Smith will start, but Webb could see some time on the field, either in that game or in a future one.

Webb spoke to reporters after news of Manning’s benching broke, and did a good job of putting things in perspective. The rookie quarterback said that Manning was supportive after hearing about the move, and also added that he’s learned much from the veteran signal-caller.

“Today was pretty big,” Webb said of what he’d learned from Manning, via Curtis Crabtree of Pro Football Talk. “The way he handled himself, the way he handled himself in front of his teammates, myself and Geno included, he was first class. He was very supportive, he’s ready to help us win a game.

“I’ve learned something from him every day and I’ve really written them down and I’ve really taken upon myself to kind of – I’ve always kind of idolized Eli and there’s so many quarterbacks I watched growing up, but to kind of be his teammate and see how he does every single day. His routine didn’t change today and he’s a heck of a teammate, he’s the best quarterback in this franchise’s history.”

Manning is a great role model to follow, and Webb is smart in attempting to soak up as much as he can. The veteran quarterback is a high-character guy, and has made plenty of big throws in big games, helping his team win Super Bowl titles in the 2007 and 2011 seasons.

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