Doug calls out his Eagles to play better...and why I like that!

Doug calls out his Eagles to play better...and why I like that!


Doug calls out his Eagles to play better...and why I like that!

It’s a 10-1 record heading into Seattle…his team is having a ton of fun choreographing their TD celebrations…but 2nd-year head coach Doug Pederson just sent a “Get Real” message to his Eagles troopers.

In his Monday press conference, “Unacceptable” is the way Pederson described his team’s four fumbles and 11 penalties from the win over the Bears. He talked about how winning can cover up mistakes.

I agree with Tommy Lawlor’s reaction to this in his venerable “Iggles Blitz” column:

“I was happy to hear Pederson be critical of his team. This is exactly the message they need. Every person in Philly or on social media will be singing the praises of the players. They need some humble pie. That’s not to say this team is cocky or complacent, but they are human.

“These players need someone to remind them that blowing out the Bears won’t mean squat in January. You play good, clean football or you go home.

“Pederson worried me in 2016, seemingly always praising his players. He used the word great way more than  you should when talking about a team that finished 7-9. I worried if Pederson had it in him to be hard on players and to understand what they needed to hear.

“I’m not worried any more.”

This is the Bill Belichick side of Doug Pederson I’ve been waiting to see, too. You have to understand as a coach that you’re overseeing a bunch of 20-somethings for the most part who don’t know what they don’t know yet. And that grouping includes Carson Wentz, too.

You’re 10-1, and you’ve put yourself in the unique position to control your own destiny in what for all you know could be the only season in your career both present and future when you will have a legitimate shot at winning a championship in the NF-freaking-L…

So don’t blow it by forgetting in the emotional heat of success what got you here—the mental discipline, the A-B-C’s of your technique, the attention to detail when you’re in combat.

Cheers to Doug Pederson for reminding his guys that in terms of writing Eagles history, the live ammo has just begun to fire.

Bill Belichick has made a religion out of preaching the same message to his perennial Super Bowl contending teams in New England.

You just don’t wander blissfully into a contending playoff position by relying upon your inherent athletic abilities and your love of the game when things are going your way— you have to prepare for your response to things going against you. You have to tighten up your emergency response systems. You do that in great part by reinforcing the fundamental technique of your individual game. You must buy into the continuing education aspect of your chosen career.

I think this is the message Doug is sending to his roster right now. I think it’s a great thing, certainly far better than Chip Kelly’s admonishing LeSean McCoy about not wearing his sleep monitor back in 2013. Doug seems to be far more in tune with what it takes to win in crunch time than I thought he would be under these unique circumstances.

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A Corey Clement “feel-good” story….

Corey Clement’s former HS guidance counselor makes good on promise to Eagles RB

by Matt Birch

Eagles running back Corey Clement has fulfilled his dream of playing for an NFL team, and that earned him a pretty sweet gift from someone who helped him achieve his goal.

Clement’s high school guidance counselor told him if he ever did manage to play football at the NFL level, she would give him her BMW.

Well, on Tuesday, she made good on her promise. The photos tell the story of what happened, and major props to the guidance counselor for the amazing gesture.

It’s one thing for her to say she was going to give him the car — to help keep Clement motivated — but it’s another to actually go through with it. Clement, who was undrafted, worked hard to get to where he is, and now he’s reaping the benefits.

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BRISUKSEGG Fantasy Football Update as Week 12 sets up the upcoming playoff battle:

(7-5)Jared Nixon
(8-3-1)Brozer Eight
Top Scorer:
Top Scorer:


(7-4-1)Chris R
(7-5)Ben Gold
Top Scorer:
Top Scorer:


(6-6)The Don Pardo
(6-6)Rodney Vander Veer
Top Scorer:
Top Scorer:


(4-8)T BONE
Top Scorer:
Top Scorer:


(5-7)J Hop
(2-10)Jeffrey Dotterer
Top Scorer:
Top Scorer:

If you’re keeping score at home, it looks like Spiffo and ~BROZ will square off in one semifinals round in the playoffs, while TGJB99 and ATV will go to war in the other semifinals contest. This should be interesting…my money is on Spiffo in his division.  He’s due. As for the other semifinal match, I never bet against ATV. Who in their right mind would?


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