NBA Basketball Players That Are Really Good Golfers

NBA Basketball Players That Are Really Good Golfers


NBA Basketball Players That Are Really Good Golfers

When thinking about the NBA we do not normally discuss golf but you may want to know that there are some really good basketball players that could be professional golfers. You can see them during offseasons in tournaments or casually playing a game at top resorts from around the world. The following professional NBA players are great golfers, according to The Bird Golf Academy.

Stephen Curry

The first golf tournament appearance by Curry happened at Curry Celebrity Classic. He ended up being tied for fourth at American Century Championship and got many great results along the years. According to Stephen Curry, he has 2 handicap, all aided by being on the high school golfing team for 3 years.

Ray Allen

This 2 time NBA champion and a regular all-star player organizes a special golf tournament thanks to the work of Ray of Hope Foundation. It takes place every single year at Lake Tahoe. The celebrity event welcomes many celebrities and Allen is a pretty good golfer. In Golf Digest 2009 he was ranked as being the best NBA player in terms of how good he is at golf.

Deron Williams

Another regular you can find in Lake Tahoe, Deron Williams made his tournament golfing debut in the year 2011 with a 46 place as a result. However, among the NBA basketball players, he came in second after Ray Allen. He declared that he has an 8 handicap even if he has only been golfing on and off for 6 years.

JR Smith

This NBA superstar loves golf a little too much. In the year 2013 there was a match between the Celtics and the Nicks. Smith was suspended for one game and his team ended up losing the series. The team was up 3-0 but it lost game 4 without Smith. He declared that if the Knicks would have won he would have played golf afterwards. The superstar started playing the game in the year 2008 and he says he has handicap 8.

Chris Paul

Chris Paul is an avid golf fan. He received tips from Davis Love III to improve his game and in the past few summers he ended up even playing with Bill Clinton and joined competitions, including the popular Michael Jordan Celebrity Invitational. According to official reports, Paul has handicap of 20.

Shane Battier

Battier has around the same handicap level as Paul. He definitely needs some help from Allen, with whom he was a teammate when playing for Miami. In the Lake Tahoe tournament Battier ended up placing 81 but in the year 2012 he became one of the best NBA players, even if some say it was not too much since Williams, Allen and Curry were not among the participants.

Paul Pierce

The LA Clippers superstar has an unknown golf handicap but he did get pretty good in a short period of time after picking up the game. We may not know if he improved since starting golfing in 2011 but he is most likely a really good player now.

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