SaintsNation interview with Linebacker Adam Bighill

SaintsNation interview with Linebacker Adam Bighill


SaintsNation interview with Linebacker Adam Bighill

SaintsNation was fortunate enough to get ahold of Adam and he was gracious enough to answer a few questions for us. Adam Bighill has quite a unique journey to the NFL as the former CFL star and current day New Orleans Saint linebacker has definitely gone down the road less traveled. Bighill is an undersized linebacker who has had to fight and earn his keep all the way, but through hardwork and a relentless work ethic he still found his way into the NFL. We are thankful for Adam’s time, and hope you find his answers to our questions as interesting as we did.


1st Question:

SN: You were a pretty big star in the CFL and very successful there. What has the transition to the NFL and the change in role been like for you?

Adam Bighill: I expected the change in role coming down here, and it’s been as tough as I thought it would be. I definitely miss being on the field every play, but this process is no different then my first year in the CFL. I played all special teams my first year in the CFL and helped contribute to a Grey Cup victory. The following year I established myself as a starter and impact player. I’m hoping this will be the same case for my NFL career.

2nd Question:

SN: From the outside observers perspective this Saints lockerroom seems like a really close knit group. Is this similar to what you have experienced in other places, or is this group special?

Adam Bighill: This is one of closer locker rooms I’ve been around. We definitely have fun together, most importantly, hold each other to a standard of excellence. When you play for one another, special things tend to happen.

3rd Question:

SN: Is Cam Jordan the goofiest guy on the team, or is there a hidden contender for the throne?

Adam Bighill: Craig Robertson would be a contender for the crown, if not hold it outright haha!!  (This one we found surprising)

4th Question:

SN: As a guy who worked his way up from the CFL, and finally made it to the NFL, do you have any goals as a professional athlete your are still shooting for?

Adam Bighill: I have goals that level all the way up to being a pro bowl linebacker. It’s one step at a time, but if you don’t have big goals, you tend to see success fleetingly. I take pride in trying to be the hardest worker in the room and creating my own opportunities.

5th Question:

SN: We as fans often make a lot of assumptions about players and have a lot of knee jerk reactions without knowing the full story, is there anything about yourself or your story you would like to share with fans?

Adam Bighill: I was born with a cleft lip and palate. I am on the board of Making Faces which is a charity that helps children with all types of facial differences. Being able to use my story to give back and help others is something I enjoy doing.

Bighill doesn’t just have guts and a work ethic, but a big heart and he strives to help others who have had similar experiences. For more information on the Making Faces charity he works with, or to donate follow this link HERE.

SaintsNation would like to thank Adam Bighill for his time, and to wish him the best of luck with his goals, on the field and off.

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