Will the Redskins rule in Big D? Hail to the Yes (Maybe).

Will the Redskins rule in Big D? Hail to the Yes (Maybe).


Will the Redskins rule in Big D? Hail to the Yes (Maybe).

The Redskins have three conference games left on the schedule. Two of them are against division rivals Cowboys and Giants. The third comes at home versus The Cardinals.

Going into NFL Week 13, the Redskins out-scored all of them.

Points Scored:

  • Redskins – 258
  • Cowboys – 248
  • Cardinals – 203
  • Giants – 172

The ‘Skins are 4-5 against the Conference. Three NFC wins puts them in the conversation for the sixth-seed NFC wild card slot.

Odds get better if they win one of their two games against AFC teams, Chargers and Broncos. The Redskins have out-scored both those teams too.

We hold no illusions about winning a postseason game. However, there is no reason to change our preseason guess of eight or nine wins for this team. Frankly, it is amazing to Hog Heaven that the ‘Skins remain competitive given the 15 players on injured reserve, 10 of them starters.

That’s reason enough to hope for the postseason; four wins out of the next five games are plausible.

We wish wussie Redskins fans appreciated that. In the olden days, when fans had more spine, we had the decency to wait until the team was mathematically eliminated before throwing hissy fits.

Football seasons are a test of depth.

Kudos to the front office for finding late-season off-the-roster talent and to the coaching staff for making use of them under trying circumstances.

We made ourselves say that to balance our opinions of Bruce Allen and Daniel Snyder.

A word about the Cowboys….

Dallas is in the same spot as we are in. They must win out to have any shot at a wild card.

The Cowboys are much healthier than the Redskins right now, but their holes are bigger. LB Sean Lee is OUT. The Dallas “D” is not the same without him. And then there is the case of Ezekiel Elliott, the true Rookie of the Year of 2016.

That honor went to the rookie quarterback, Dak Prescott. Naturally.

(Snark alert) Quarterbacks rule! They are the cause everything because they “lead.” phffft! We shake our head. Elliott, not Prescott, was the spark that ignited the Cowboys’ offense last season.

Now that Zeke is (finally) suspended, Prescott is taking mortar shells.

Some Cowboys fans think he is “playing scared.” That’s so funny!

Our ‘Skins are 1.5-point underdogs. We like our chances. So do a few people down in Big D.

Giants at Redskins missed the excitement of Josh Norman vs. Odell Beckham, Jr. Maybe Norman vs. Dez Bryant lights your fancy. Hands of butter. HA!

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