Watch DeMarcus Cousins hilariously break down 'Titanic' plot

Watch DeMarcus Cousins hilariously break down 'Titanic' plot

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Watch DeMarcus Cousins hilariously break down 'Titanic' plot

We’ve become accustomed to hearing DeMarcus Cousins explain the game of basketball, but it’s even more entertaining to hear him break down movies.

Cousins, for some reason, decided to do his own official review of “Titanic,” a movie that was released two decades ago. We’re glad he did, though, because he provided a hilarious take on the plot.

The Pelicans big man began by talking about how the movie began, which, in his words, was two rich people going on a romantic cruise.

Here’s what Boogie had to say about the movie:

“It was supposed to be a happy-ever-after but the cruise that they were all on ended up hitting an iceberg,” Cousins began. “And the ship, you know, of course it sank. There was devastation everywhere. There were a lot of people out in the water. There was debris floating around and there was this door, this one door, and Jack, being the player that he was, let Rose sit on the door so she wouldn’t be in the freezing-cold water. Rose, she made Jack stay in the water. So Jack froze to death and Rose lived on to tell this beautiful movie that I’m telling you guys about.”

We can’t wait to see what movie is up next to be reviewed.

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