Jerry Jones: 'Positive things' have come from delay in Roger Goodell's extension

Jerry Jones: 'Positive things' have come from delay in Roger Goodell's extension

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Jerry Jones: 'Positive things' have come from delay in Roger Goodell's extension

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has been leading the charge in delaying a potential contract extension for NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. Jones has opposed a new deal for Goodell, and has even been seeking a secret ballot for a vote to be conducted in connection with the commissioner’s contract when the owners meetings take place on Dec. 13.

It’s currently unclear exactly what the owners would be voting on, as the compensation committee currently has the power to authorize a new deal for Goodell. Still, Jones remains hopeful that ownership will come to an agreement as a whole on a potential extension for the league’s commissioner, and he hopes that the compensation committee will wait on finalizing Goodell’s deal.

“I hope they do,” Jones told reporters after Thursday’s game, via Drew Davison of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “I hope they do. One thing I will say is that we’ve gotten some very positive things done through this exercise and process of extending Roger. There’s more to come that is going to be very good for everybody.”

Jones also said everything he’s done has been in the league’s best interest, even though other owners seem to feel differently.

“I really have never met anybody eye to eye lately that didn’t think that my interests were in the best interest of the NFL,” Jones said. “I really haven’t had anybody basically state that. I’m fortunate that I’ve had the time and spent the time and done the things that have happened in the NFL that I don’t have to explain in doing what’s in the best interest of the NFL in my mind. It’s been my experience that you can be an advocate, you can be passionate about what you want to do and my experience has been that has improved the NFL most of the time.”

As for the “positive things,” Jones didn’t elaborate on exactly what he was referring to.

Goodell’s contract expires after the 2018 season, but it appears that most owners just want to see the commissioner’s extension completed so they can move on to other issues, while Jones is doing his best to pump the brakes. And with the owners meetings less than two weeks away, it doesn’t look like Jones has much support from other owners, so he may need to rethink his strategy.

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