Joel Embiid, Andre Drummond take turns ripping each other

Joel Embiid, Andre Drummond take turns ripping each other

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Joel Embiid, Andre Drummond take turns ripping each other

We can expect plenty of fireworks when Joel Embiid and Andre Drummond square off on the court Saturday night.

The two have been trading shots at one another heading into the matchup, and it’s starting to look like things are beginning to get a bit personal between the two dominant centers.

Embiid was the first to really get things going, when he criticized Drummond’s shooting ability on Saturday morning.

“No disrespect, but he can’t shoot,” Embiid said. “So, you know, I just gotta worry about the defensive coverages that we have. As you’ve seen they run a lot of down screens, backside action, and he’s always the roller so he gets a lot of lobs and stuff, so as a team we gotta make sure that don’t happen often, and make sure we close out on shooters too.”

It didn’t take Drummond long to fire back at Embiid, either. Drummond criticized Embiid for not being able to stay healthy, while he, on the other hand, has been known for his durability. The Pistons center had the following to say to Johnny Kane of Fox Sports Detroit a few hours before Saturday’s game was set to tip off.

“I mean you can’t really have a conversation with a man who can’t play a back-to-back… I’ve been playing for six years and I’ve missed maybe 4-5 games. So when he can play a whole season without taking a rest, he can come talk to me.”

These barbs set up for an entertaining matchup when the two battle it out on the floor. We’ll soon see which player wins the battle down low.

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