OAK 24 NYG 17

OAK 24 NYG 17


OAK 24 NYG 17

This is the first game I have missed voluntarily in 11 years of blogging. While it is not about me, and it is about the Giants, I know from my twitter feed that my feelings were echoed across the entire Giants community. After Eli was benched, fans stopped caring.

We received word this morning from Schefter and Mortenson of ESPN that McAdoo may be released as early as tomorrow should the Giants lose.

The Giants lost.

Good riddance.

This season has been one huge BLEEPING NIGHTMARE. We still have 4 more games of this bs to withstand. As many Giants fans have said, if we have to lose without looking at McAdoo anymore, that would be preferred.

The game against Oakland? I did not watch it, but it was more of the same. It was a bad team vs one that was worse. Oakland did not have its 2 starting WRs. Marshall Newhouse shut down Crickets JPP. Geno played ok but was stripped twice. I guess Reese needs to get the memo that Eli can’t block for the QB.

In other shocking news, Evan Engram remains the lone bright spot in an otherwise dismal effort. Who needs to watch these games? All you need to do in order to recap a game is say the opponent sucked, the Giants sucked worse, and Evan Engram has a future. Rinse, repeat.

Do you realize how bad you have to be to lose to these teams? The Chiefs have lost to 6 of their last 7 opponents. The lone team they beat in that stretch was the Denver Broncos. The Denver Broncos have lost 8 straight. The team that the Broncos last beat 9 games ago? The Oakland Raiders, 16-10. The Raiders have won 4 of the last 8, beating the Dolphins, Chiefs, Broncos and Giants! In the land of the blind, the 6-6 Raiders are slightly better than garbage. Simply stated, the AFC West is awful. This is the only backwater that the Giants are at all competitive against. When they played vs the Rams, or when they play vs the Eagles, they got (and will get) throttled. So do not let the close scores vs teams like the depleted Redskins, the woeful Chiefs (who just lost to the Jets), the 2-10 49ers (who just beat the 3-9 Monsters of the Midway) and the Raiders confuse us.

At the bye, Jerry Reese called Ben McAdoo the smartest guy in the room. So what does that make Reese? Hopefully gone, 4 games after McAdoo.

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