Rob Gronkowski Apologizes To Tre'Davious White For Late Hit

Rob Gronkowski Apologizes To Tre'Davious White For Late Hit

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Rob Gronkowski Apologizes To Tre'Davious White For Late Hit

ORCHARD PARK, NY– In today’s Patriots vs Buffalo Bills game, we saw a rare side of Patriots Tight End  Rob Gronkowski as he delivered a very late hit on Buffalo Bills Corner Back Tre’Davious White.

With four minutes and fifty seconds remaining in the fourth quarter, the Patriots were in the middle of an offensive drive with an already demanding lead. Brady was in the shotgun formation and threw a pass to Gronkowski that would be intercepted. Gronkowski was being held and interfered with his whole way down the field but no flag was thrown and there was no excuse for what he would do after the conclusion of the play.

Clearly, after the whistle was blown Gronkowski came in and delivered a big hit on  Tre’Davious White who just intercepted Tom Brady. The hit can be seen below.

After the late hit occurred flags started flying in from all angles when all is said and done Gronkowski had an unnecessary roughness penalty, Danny Amendola had an unnecessary roughness penalty, that penalty offset another unnecessary roughness penalty that was given to Bills Running Back Carlos Hyde. There was also a penalty on Bills Defensive End Jerry Hughes for unsportsmanlike conduct and an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty against an official this penalty was assessed after the chains were set and was given to the Bills bench.

Once all the math was done it Buffalo’s ball on their own 26-yard line and it was 1st and 25. So somehow through all of this, the Bills got penalized more than the Patriots.

There is no doubt in my mind that Gronkowski should have been thrown out of this game as the hit he delivered was a clear and blatant cheap shot against Tre’Davious White. The hit sent White into the NFL’s concussion protocol and he would not speak to the media after the game because of it.

After the game, we saw a rare apologetic Rob Gronkowski on the podium who opened his press conference by saying:

“First of all, I definitely want to apologize to No. 27,” Gronkowski said. “I am not in the business of that. I mean, it was a lot of frustration and I was just really frustrated at that moment. It just happened naturally through emotions and frustration. I want to apologize to Tre’Davious White. I don’t really believe in type of shots like that, but just due to the frustration process and the game of football, emotions, that is what happened.”

Gronkowski did get called for an offensive pass interference earlier in the game and he said all of that anger finally caught up with him “Over the past couple — seven years”.

Gronkowski finish the game with nine catches for 147 yards.

The real question now is what is the punishment going to be for Rob Gronkowski will there be a suspension? Or will it just be a simple fine? All eyes will be looking at the NFL as they decided his fate for next weeks Monday Night Football matchup vs the Dolphins in Miami.

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