Conor McGregor talks about future fight plans

Conor McGregor talks about future fight plans

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Conor McGregor talks about future fight plans

Will Conor McGregor fight again or won’t he? That’s been the million-dollar question for the man that made $30 million when he squared off against Floyd Mayweather Jr. in the ring.

Many are predicting that McGregor may never fight again, and they might be right. It’s hard to come back from a $40 million payday,

“My focus is getting back into the right ring or octagon,” McGregor said, via “2017 was historic. I have transcended both the sport of MMA and boxing. At this stage of my career, as it has been for the majority of my UFC career, potential opponents must lobby for fights with me.

“We could see Conor McGregor anywhere. I run the fight game, the fashion game, the whiskey game, or whatever the next business endeavor might be.”

McGregor then added he has “every intention” to fight in 2018, but that the compensation would have to make it worth his while.

It doesn’t look like “The Notorious One” is in any rush to get back in the ring, and might look for a different business venture that doesn’t involve him getting beat up physically.

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