Philip Rivers unsure of exactly when he'll retire, but won't play in NFL at 45

Philip Rivers unsure of exactly when he'll retire, but won't play in NFL at 45

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Philip Rivers unsure of exactly when he'll retire, but won't play in NFL at 45

Russell Wilson and Tom Brady may have the desire to play in the NFL until they’re 45 years old, but Philip Rivers does not.

Rivers, who was drafted in 2004 — the same year as Eli Manning — has been starting under center for the Chargers at the beginning of every season since that time. And while he seems to take good care of his body, he’s still taken a number of hits, and doesn’t plan to play in the NFL when he’s 45. Rivers appeared on the PFT PM podcast Wednesday, and revealed that while he doesn’t currently have a set number in mind, he does know that he won’t be suiting up to play at 45 years of age.

“I don’t have a number in mind,” Rivers said. “I can tell you right now it ain’t gonna be 45. I have no desire for it to be that long. I hope I help lead my son’s high school team to a state championship by the time I’m 45. I don’t think I’m gonna have a helmet on when I’m 45.”

Rivers did add that he wants to remain with the Chargers for the rest of his career. This makes sense, as even with the team relocating to Los Angeles, he and his family still elected to remain in San Diego, where they appear to be quite happy. Here’s what he had to say about his future with the team.

“I think so as we sit today,” Rivers said. “You said it best. Times can change, things change. Sometimes you have different feelings in the offseason and teams have different feelings in the offseason. But you do know this that it doesn’t last forever. Some of those that you mentioned that didn’t get to finish for different reasons whether it be for injury, whether it be organizational decisions. Lot of those guys were on my wall as a kid. I had a poster of those guys. You’re talking about some of the best to ever play. You know, it can happen to anybody. As we sit today I certainly hope so. I certainly hope to. It’s been an interesting transition with the move up north but I think I speak for my wife and my children they would all say it’s gone smoother than anticipated thus far. Hopefully it’s a handful more years.”

Rivers’ contract runs through the 2019 season, although he could potentially opt out of the deal after 2018 if he chooses. If he is adamant about finishing his career with the team, it’s hard to envision him playing elsewhere, although crazier things have happened. What we do know is that Rivers turns 36 on Friday, and that he doesn’t plan on playing for an NFL team in nine years from now.

Brady may have found the Fountain of Youth, but others are still searching for it.

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