Steve Kerr rips Detroit casino for 'soul-sucking experience'

Steve Kerr rips Detroit casino for 'soul-sucking experience'

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Steve Kerr rips Detroit casino for 'soul-sucking experience'

Don’t expect Steve Kerr and the Warriors to stay at the MGM Casino in downtown Detroit anytime soon.

With the team preparing to square off against the Pistons on Friday night, the Warriors needed a place to stay, and apparently, they picked the wrong hotel.

Maybe Kerr was cranky because the team is on the tail-end of a six-game road trip, or maybe he really didn’t like the hotel, but here’s what he had to say about it.

“Well I am at the MGM Casino Hotel in downtown Detroit and you want to talk about a soul-sucking experience, man, we’ve got to get home,” Kerr said, according to KNBR staff. “I don’t need a casino right now in Detroit.”

He continued:

“It’s a new road trip this year because of the new venue downtown we used to play out in Auburn Hills and you would stay in Birmingham, it was this quaint little town and now, no,” he said. “The casino in downtown Detroit.”

I’ve been to the casino, and Kerr isn’t wrong. That place is a dump, filled with many angry-looking gamblers. It was a bad decision to stay there, and we highly doubt the Warriors will be making that same mistake again.

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