A good time for writer's block at Eagles Eye

A good time for writer's block at Eagles Eye


A good time for writer's block at Eagles Eye

How many words can be written that haven’t already been said? That’s the box in which I’m trapped today.  I know the challenge for the Birds at hand is to shake off yet another major injury (this one perhaps the biggest) and take this season of a lifetime to the limit.

Speculation upon how Nick Foles will fare in replacing Carson Wentz is pointless. The Eagles will win as a team with Nick Foles (or even with Nate Sudfeld, the 6-6, 230 backup from Indiana)—or they won’t. It’s a team sport no matter how you slice it.

We play the Giants this weekend at Met Life in New Jersey. The Eagles own the best record in the NFC (11-2) with three regular-season games remaining. They can clinch a first-round bye with a win at the New York Giants on Sunday. They would also capture home field throughout the playoffs if the Minnesota Vikings (10-3) also lose at home to the Cincinnati Bengals—but that’s a highly unlikely scenario, given that the Bengals seem to have mailed it in for 2017.

Even if the Vikings don’t help them, all the Eagles have to do is win two of their final three games to ensure that the NFC postseason runs through Philly. That quest begins with the Giants, then continues with home games against the Raiders and the Cowboys.

Of course, winning is easier said than done…

Writer’s block tells me to leave it there. No need to speculate, just watch the upcoming game on Sunday, and analyze from there.

At least the Eagles get Zach Ertz back in the offense after he cleared concussion protocol. That brings visions of multiple tight end sets which could end up being Nick Foles’ best friends.

But regardless of Foles, play a solid all-around game as a team and I’ll be happy. A win over the Giants would be extra nice. A loss is not the end of the world. Take nothing for granted and play well to the best of your collective ability is all I ask. We’ll take it from there as fans to wherever we need to take it. But for today I am shutting up. Play ball!


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