ESPN's John Buccigross named in harassment complaint

ESPN's John Buccigross named in harassment complaint

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ESPN's John Buccigross named in harassment complaint

It’s not just politicians and Hollywood stars, today, we find out that ESPN’s famous college hockey play-by-play announcer John Buccigross has gotten himself in trouble. The Boston Globe reports that ESPN is the next media outlet to be under the microscope.

“SportsCenter” anchor John Buccigross and fantasy football analyst Matthew Berry are named in the report.

The report focuses on former on-air talent Adrienne Lawrence, who filed a complaint with Connecticut Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities against the Bristol-based network.

“ESPN has failed to address its deeply ingrained culture of sexism and hostile treatment of women,” Lawrence stated in the complaint.

Lawrence named Buccigross, a long-time popular “SportsCenter” anchor, specifically in her complaint.

She accuses Buccigross, whom she considered a mentor, of calling her “dollface,” “#dreamgirl,” and “#longlegs” in unsolicited text messages that included shirtless photos of himself, the report details.

“You need to wear clothes, sir,” Lawrence reportedly responded. (Jason Owens, Yahoo Sports)

In the past, Buccigross has done a great job promoting college hockey. Now that this news is out in the open, I am not sure that college hockey will want to continue its relationship with Buccigross. There’s no excusing this type of behavior, it’s unacceptable. Would you want your wife or daughter working in this toxic environment? You can’t treat your female co-workers this way. It’s sexist, and some of this behavior is criminal.

Each day, another powerful male celebrity or politician is outed.  I can only imagine that reading the allegations, there’s a chance that Buccigross won’t be calling the NCAA hockey games during the playoffs this spring. That being said, this behavior is self-inflicted. You can’t send raunchy, menacing texts to your co-workers.

It would appear that Buccigross has responded in a contrite manner. It doesn’t excuse the behavior.

“I considered Adrienne to be a friend,” Buccigross said. “I’m sorry if anything I did or said offended Adrienne. It certainly wasn’t my intent.”

If I read the charges — this is a toxic work environment:

Some women said that the environment at ESPN can be so hostile — and plum positions for female sports journalists so precarious — that they hid pregnancies and felt pressured to take short maternity leaves in order to protect their positions. One anchor even did her scheduled broadcast while she was having a miscarriage to prove her commitment to her job, according to former employees. (Jenn Abelson, Boston Globe)




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