Daily Target 12/15/17

Daily Target 12/15/17


Daily Target 12/15/17

Twinkie Town: Twins sign Fernando Rodney for one-year, $4.5 million – The Twins came away with a player who will likely be the primary closer next year, and their only player sure to be on the MLB roster added during the winter meetings.

Roster Rundown: The Twins signed Rodney for one year on a contract that could eventually be worth $6m through some incentive based bonuses. Rodney is old, but proven and popular in clubhouses, so he might be the type of player who is a little above average on the field, but well above average in the clubhouse.

The Twins also selected Tyler Kinley from the Marlins. He is a pitcher doing well in the Dominican this winter, and an obvious part of the Marlins tear down.

The Twins also lost Nick Burdi and Luke Bard to the Pirates and Angels, respectively. Both are good prospects, but neither have reached AAA,  and there is a chance both will be back by the end of the season.

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