Observations on the Gmen

Observations on the Gmen


Observations on the Gmen

  1. There has been some talk about Gettleman as the next GM of the Giants. Is that really the direction the franchise wants to go in? Gettleman was let go in Carolina ostensibly because he burned a lot of bridges. He let players go without notifying them; these players heard word of their release via the media. That is not the conduct of a professional. Given we have just witnessed massive failure in communications from the former Head Coach (and to a lesser degree, the former GM), do we really want that in the new GM? For those that will say that Gettleman can make changes to address that, my reply is- why go down that path with a 66 year old prospect? About the best reason for taking Gettleman is that Accorsi knows him. George Young said to hire people you know. So we understand the bias for a guy like this. Still, you are looking for a guy who can be the GM for the next 20 years. This is not the guy.
  2. Do not listen to the beat writers when it comes to this upheaval. They will lobby for people they know. Why? Because they do not want to have to invest in new relationships if they do not have to. They need material. They need quotes. Bummer for them that they need to start over with gaining the confidence of new powers who will throw them crumbs. That is not our problem as fans. We just want the best person for the job.
  3. I did not recap the Dallas game. Call it a strike of sorts. Burn out. Whatever. This season has s*cked the life out of all of us. I watched it until Dallas scored to make it 17-10, then I shut off the game because I knew the Giants were not coming back. Little did I know the score would end up 30-10. These games do not need to be overanalyzed. The Giants are playing with Cornerbacks and Wide Receivers who were wearing street clothes a week ago. So does it surprise you when Dez Bryant (who is having a lousy year) is able to break a tackle and run for a TD? Missed in the game was how tight the contest was until the middle of Q4. Then the floodgates opened, which is typical of how many games have gone for the Giants this season.
  4. Carson Wentz’s season is over. We do not sit around wishing injury upon anyone in the NFL. But it happens. Tough luck. Hey, Plaxico Burress shot himself in the leg in 2008. 31 other teams benefited. That is just the way it works. There is no team I dislike more than the Eagles. Many of their fans are nasty human beings who frankly do not deserve a title. So bummer for Wentz, but good for Giants fans who I believe have pushed off the Eagles-Super-Bowl Day-of-Reckoning one more season. Can Nick Foles win a title here in 2017? I do not think so. Wentz is a budding Aaron Rodgers in terms of extending plays, running for first downs, and multiplying the effectiveness of his offense. Wentz’s loss is huge. The odds that Minnesota, Carolina, Los Angeles, New Orleans, Atlanta or an AFC team (in the Super Bowl) trips them up is very large.
  5. The Landon Collins comment on Eli Apple was significant. He basically said it was Eli Apple’s job to grow up and help his teammates, because otherwise he is shirking his responsibility to everyone. That is leadership. Collins to me is the best player on this team, and it is not close. I said that, fully aware of who Odell Beckham is. Collins is consistent, reliable, his defense travels, and he is an All-Pro player. Until Odell Beckham can play at a consistently high level, he is not going to help this franchise to win a title the way Collins is doing right now. Has Collins dropped off in 2017? Yes. His entire unit has collapsed. His injury has limited his range. I think that if the new coaching staff can keep him up at/near the line of scrimmage, he will go to the Hall of Fame. Odell Beckham, in contrast, is a diva. While he does care for the team, he cares as much if not more about himself. How do I know? He has been fined no less than 11 times. That is selfish. The great ones for this franchise were stable on the field. Strahan, Taylor, Simms, Manning, & Collins are leaders by their consistent effort and a willingness to put the team ahead of themselves.

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