Giants Eagles Rivalry

Giants Eagles Rivalry

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Giants Eagles Rivalry


Today we have a guest blogger, Christian Norcia, penning this post. Christian has been a regular reader of UltimateNYG since the beginning, drawn to this NY Giants blog’s objectivity. “You’ve been a great source of truth and reality for NYG fans for a long time. I think I stumbled on your blog in 06/07 and it’s been a great read week after week.” Not only has Christian been generous with his praise and support, he has also chosen to guest post in this dark season. Thanks Christian for writing during such a hard year.

Where did it begin? Was it a wide open Hixon dropping a sure TD pass from Eli in a Week 14 game in 2008 that, if they had won, would have probably kept the Eagles out of the playoffs that season? Remember who the birds beat in the Divisional round that year? The Giants lost to the Eagles again this past Sunday 34-29.  It was yet another loss to their Turnpike rival.  About the only thing remaining that is still close between these two teams has been the 90 miles separating them.

Over the last 10 seasons (‘08-‘17), the Giants are now 5-16 against their hated divisional rival (including that playoff game with the incredible game plan that Gilbride put together). Did you know the last time the Giants swept a season series vs. the Eagles was in 2007? Starting in 2009, the Eagles have swept the Giants 5 times! These are bordering on Patriots numbers vs any other team in the AFC East.  There’s so much about this rivalry that it hurts losing to them more than any other team…it’s not even close.

Eli is now 10-20 in his career vs the Eagles. The Giants, overall, are 14-25 since 2000.  The thrill of two SB wins to their zero in that time is about the only comfort we get to take. With each passing year’s distance from XLVI, the Eagles dominance is becoming more indicative of the state of the Giants franchise.

An emotional observer would look at the two games this season (and much of the last 10 seasons) and say that they played the Eagles mostly tough. It’s a rivalry, the  games could go either way, insert your feel good BS.  The reason we all read UltimateNYG is that we like healthy objectivity and we tend to live in reality when it comes to our favorite team.

The reality is that in the last 10 years these results should be expected.  It is all about the Draft and focusing on the line of scrimmage.  For every fun toy Reese picked up, the Eagles were stockpiling at the more important positions.  When did we see the drafting of a LB to deal with Celek and Ertz (pictured)? Want to go a bit deeper? Take a look at the 2012 Draft of each team.  NYG? Zero players still in league, even though they drafted the “JPP of tight ends.” The Eagles? Cox, Kendricks, Curry, Foles (first 4 picks) – those names sound familiar? (As a sidebar, Louis Riddick was the player personnel man for Philadelphia when these players were taken. The Giants are interviewing him for the GM position.) Think maybe the Eagles got the message when their divisional rival won their 2nd SB in 4 years? Think Eli wishes there could have been at least 1 or 2 OL to deal with those guys? This paragraph could be made into a series of posts – I realize that this is a small sample.

The Eagles strength (RB, TE, and OL) enables them to target underneath versus the Giants weak coverage LBers. And on the other side of ball, their DL has been able to have success vs the Giants deteriorating OL.

Here’s to a new year where the next regime will get the message that there are pieces on this team to build around but a massive lack of talent and depth at the most critical positions.

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