NFL Week 16 Picks – Wrapping Up Playoff Gifts

NFL Week 16 Picks – Wrapping Up Playoff Gifts


NFL Week 16 Picks – Wrapping Up Playoff Gifts

Our friends at Be A Better Bettor are up to their old tricks again, offering their expertise on the best games to take on the point spread for Week 16 of the NFL docket. Take a look at their site to gain more holistic insight into every straight up bet this weekend.

‘Tis the season to spend all weekend watching football, eating food and enjoying imbibements suited for kings. It’s your reward for preparing for Christmas ahead of time, instead of joining the masses for a last-minute rush.

Coincidentally, this is the part of the NFL schedule which rewards teams that have put in hard work all season. Franchises like the Patriots, Panthers and Rams need a single win to solidify a playoff spot, while the Cowboys and Seahawks will probably watch from the sidelines as their rivals enjoy a holiday filled with playoff cheer.

As usual, bet against the Browns.

Hail Mary For A Playoff Spot

Seattle Seahawks at Dallas Cowboys

Pick: Dallas -5.0

Dallas should be pleased for surviving long enough to make Ezekiel Elliott’s return from suspension mathematically worthwhile. The running back will prove to be the difference against the Seattle Seahawks, who were completely destroyed by the Los Angeles Rams last week. Seattle, unlikely to earn a wild card spot, are in a tough spot now that the Rams have proven themselves as the legitimate division champs.

Dallas probably won’t make it to the post season either, but the team wants to go down swinging. Despite winning this match by a comfortable margin, the Cowboys will be unable to compete for the Super Bowl.

Bucs Won’t Stop The Panthers Truck

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Carolina Panthers

Carolina -10.0

Tampa Bay continued their losing ways last week, dropping their second consecutive game by a score of 24-21. This lifts their loss streak to four games, completely ruining their theoretical playoff hopes. Carolina won their second consecutive game by a 31-24 score, which all but qualifies the Panthers for the post-season.

Carolina earned their opportunity the hard way, defeating the Patriots, Falcons, Vikings and Packers en route to a 10-4 record. The schedule eases up a bit this week, as Tampa doesn’t do anything particularly well. After feeling the disappointment of missing the post-season last year, expect the Panthers to clinch with a big win over a poor team.

Bills Shot Themselves In The Hoof

Buffalo Bills at New England Patriots

New England -12.5

Under different circumstances, the Bills might have had a chance to win this game, but the New England Patriots need this win, reducing the odds of a Buffalo victory to nil. Even worse, Bills coach McDermott undermined the confidence of his own quarterback, leading to a couple of pointless mid-season losses which made the difference between a playoff spot and oblivion.

Against New England, the Bills find themselves teetering on the edge of nothingness, pondering an alternate universe in which Buffalo didn’t bench Tyrod Taylor. Maybe it wouldn’t have made a difference at all. Unfortunately we’ll never find an answer to that one. The Bills have won only four times in their last 33 meetings against the Patriots, including a 23-3 home loss on December 3rd. New England will show less mercy than usual in removing the Bills from relevance once again.

Titans Won’t Withstand Rams Renaissance

Los Angeles Rams at Tennessee Titans

Los Angeles -7.0

How about them Rams! They managed to destroy any question as to whether or not they’re worthy of competing with the Eagles, Vikings, Panthers and Saints for the NFC championship. Last week’s 42-7 beatdown of the Seahawks was one of the worst whippings that Seattle’s endured at home for quite some time.

Todd Gurley and Jared Goff have been motivated to career years by coach Sean McVay, who should receive Coach of the Year for his ability to completely turn this franchise around. Tennessee’s headed in the opposite direction after losing to the Arizona Cardinals and the San Francisco 49ers, kicking themselves out of playoff contention in the weak AFC. Expect another big win from the Rams against the fading Titans.

Weekly Browns Losing Report

Cleveland Browns at Chicago Bears

Chicago -6.5

The Mozart of losing take the field once again to show the world their elite ability to avoid victory. Playing against the Bears might have been enough to ruin a season of immaculate disappointment, but Chicago plays well at Soldier Field.

The spread is like a Christmas gift for NFL wagering fans, with the half-point making all the difference. Chicago winning by more than a touchdown would be a dicey proposition, but the Bears are good enough on defense to beat a spread of 6.5 against the brutal Browns.

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