Saints Nation Guru #17 - Buccaneers

Saints Nation Guru #17 - Buccaneers


Saints Nation Guru #17 - Buccaneers


This was a game for the ages. Enough has been said about it, and I would not even know where to start. As bad as the week 14 game felt, this is how good this game felt. The only downside was that the Falcons scores a 2nd FG which destroyed any chance for 28-3. That would have been the biggest troll job in professional sports.

Next up the Bucs. Saints should win this, but the only thing is that this could be a trap game. We have not have had a trap-game this year… unless you count the Washington game. But we stole the W there so all is fine. The good thing; EVERY single players comment on “You made the playoffs” was: “We want that division title!” Awesome attitude.

On to the guru; No Chase Daniel did not line up at QB to get a snap. The game was never that far apart nor did he throw a TD on a fake FG. There was no trick play… Unless catching a ball with your ass counts… But that was not by design, so no. The Saints only scored 2 TDs, so no again.  The INT OFCOURSE came by Lattimore. He is definitely DROY. The final score (tie-breaker) was 23-13 Saints.

Apparently Andrew Juge and Mr. Stolfi were busy preparing for Christmas and lost a shot to put it away(-ish). Congratulations to El Imanov; who was the only person with 3 good answers. He is now solely in the lead but it is a hot race for the $50. The Falcons cup this week goes to me. The rest of us had only 2 correct answers and since I was the only one expecting a blow-out I was waaaay off on the tie-breaker.

Note; this is NOT the last Guru. For the first time since I have done this post the Saints are going into the playoffs. Lets hope for the maximum amount of Guru posts after this.

The leaderboard:

Saints Nation Guru

4 El Imanov
3 Andrew Juge
Micheal L. Stolfi
Mateus João Feldhaus
1 Chris Smith
Marijn Pessers

Falcons Cup

4,5 Tim Pearson
3 Micheal L. Stolfi
Marijn Pessers
1,5 El Imanov
1 Joseph Lopez
Andrew Juge
Mateus João Feldhaus

This weeks questions:

  1. Will Jamies Winston act like an idiot again (Something like eating his fingers or crying?)
  2. Will Taysom Hill have a snap on offense again?
  3. Will Lattimore get an INT again?
  4. Who will be the Saints opponent in the wildcard round?
  5. Tie-breaker: 2 questions; How many different Saints players are credited 0.5 sacks or more AND what is the sack total (individual Saints players combined)?

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