Fan trolls Browns in obituary

Fan trolls Browns in obituary


Fan trolls Browns in obituary

Fans are using all sorts of different methods to take shots at one of the most hapless franchises in all of sports.

For Paul Stark, who was a native of Mansfield, Ohio, that included trolling the Browns in his obituary.

Stark passed away earlier in the week, but he made sure to include a parting shot at the Browns in his obituary.

The obituary states that Stark passed away due to “complications from a brief illness, exacerbated by the hopeless condition of the Cleveland Browns.”

He did later include a more upbeat message, with the following words:

“Paul passed just before the Browns were prepared to turn the corner but had many well-earned blessings.”

We’re not sure about the Browns turning a corner, but we do send prayers to Stark’s family and friends.

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