Marquette King posts cryptic tweet about quitting

Marquette King posts cryptic tweet about quitting

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Marquette King posts cryptic tweet about quitting

Raiders punter Marquette King raised a lot of eyebrows with a tweet he posted on Tuesday night.

King, out of nowhere, elected to tweet about quitting during a regular-season game, which you can see a screencap of below.

It’s unclear exactly who King is referring to at the current time, but it’s likely that he was calling out at least one teammate, possibly more. King’s tweet could’ve had some sort of relevance to Jack Del Rio having recently been fired as the team’s head coach, with a player or group of players possibly quitting on the field, leading to him being relieved of his duties.

King’s cryptic tweet has already drawn a lot of speculation, and it probably won’t go over well with his teammates. Issues such as these aren’t meant for social media, and are usually dealt with in-house. It’s possible, though, that with no head coach currently in place, King believed he could air his opinion without penalty.

It will be interesting to see if King further elaborates on the tweet, or if any of his teammates weigh in about it. Either way, it appears that the offseason may be exactly what the Raiders need, as there are clearly some issues in the locker room. A bit of space and a chance to disconnect after a long season might do the players and coaches some good.

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