The Twins haven't even met with Yu Darvish

The Twins haven't even met with Yu Darvish


The Twins haven't even met with Yu Darvish

Take a look at this report from Darren Wolfson at KSTP:

The Twins, with all their purported interest in being aggressive in the pitching market, and in Yu Darvish in particular, haven’t even worked out a time for him to visit the Twin Cities. Darvish has had meetings with both teams in Texas (including one that was a personal call) and with the Chicago Cubs, but the two sides haven’t been able to set anything up with one another. What?! We’ve already had the winter meetings, and two full months of offseason, and they haven’t even MET?!

This suggests two possibilities, none of which are mutually exclusive.

  1. Yu Darvish isn’t interested in coming to Minnesota. He’s met with three other teams but has never come to visit the Twins. There is alleged to be a relationship with Thad Levine, but frankly, this sounds like a high school freshman talking about his alleged relationship with Alyssa in Canada… not that that has anything to do with personal experience. The point is, from one perspective, it seems like the Twins are trying to impress us by being associated with Yu, even though girls Yu isn’t interested in them.
  2. The Twins are misrepresenting their desire to make a splash in free agency. They haven’t met with Yu yet, but have also made it known that they won’t be making a move on the more lightly regarded free agents until after Darvish makes a decision. If Yu is the priority, and the Twins aren’t doing anything, it seems like they are just hoping that something else falls into their lap

I’ve been one to promote patience, and will continue to do so, but after all the smoke about the Twins interest in Darvish with little to no apparent effort in regards to signing him, I can really appreciate frustration with the organization.

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