Twins adding minor league depth

Twins adding minor league depth


Twins adding minor league depth

Every once in a while, a team will add a minor leaguer that comes with a little bit of intrigue, even if they are signed as free agents in the off season, rather than acquired in a Winter Meeting blockbuster. I want to make very clear that the Twins have not done that in their free agent signings of the past month.

The Twins have added a couple of middle infielders that have appeared in the major leagues in the past, in Tyler Featherston and Jordan Pacheco. Neither can hit, and Pacheco isn’t even much of a fielder. Neither will be in the plans for the Major League roster, and if either does come to Minneapolis, something has gone wrong.

The Twins have also signed a couple of journeymen in catcher Wynston Sawyer and James Ramsey last month, at the same time they added Featherston. Sawyer, despite how cool he spells his name, is a catcher that is 26 and has never played above AA. Ramsey is an outfielder who has never made the majors and is now in his late 20s with no real shot at the majors either.

The real take away from these moves, I guess, is that the Twins aren’t completely inactive this offseason. They are signing guys, the same type of players that usually get tacked on this time of year without anyone noticing. This year we are noticing.

Please do something, baseball.

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