NBA Half Season Review

NBA Half Season Review


NBA Half Season Review

It’s hard to believe that the NBA season is nearly halfway over. The 2017-18 season kicked off to a great start after an exciting offseason that featured the blockbuster trade of Kyrie Irving from the Cleveland Cavaliers to the Boston Celtics. That move certainly sent shockwaves through the Eastern Conference and may have ultimately changed the balance of power. On the West side, the Warriors were looking unbeatable in their quest to claim a second straight NBA title and a third in four years. The Warriors are the favorite to win it all according to the basketball betting odds.

As we look back on the first half of the year, here are some things that particularly stood out.

  1. The Wolf Pack is Back

It’s been ages since the Minnesota Timberwolves made the playoffs. However, this season it appears that the playoff drought is about to end in Minnesota. The acquisition of Jimmy Butler has made all the difference up North. Pairing him with the promising youngsters Andrew Wiggins and Karl Anthony Towns was just what the T-Wolves needed. They are winning big games and currently sit in 4th place out in the tough Western Conference.

  1. LeBron Can’t Do It All

The Cavaliers took a big hit when they lost Kyrie Irving to Boston and received an injured Isaiah Thomas in return. Thomas has been out for most of the season and the Cavaliers have struggled to compete at the level their fans have come to expect. Clearly, LeBron James is in desperate need of some help on the court. Perhaps Isaiah Thomas can provide that spark. However, if he isn’t able to return to form, this may be the end of LeBron’s Finals streak, which currently sits at seven seasons in a row.

  1. Houston is Prepared for Take-off

The Warriors seemed destined to win the NBA title again this season. If there’s any team that might be able to stand in their way, it’s the Houston Rockets. James Harden and Chris Paul seem to be gelling well in Houston and are a real threat to Steph Curry and the Warriors. For a while, the Rockets held the top seed in the West. While the Warriors have reclaimed the top spot in the conference, it seems as if we are still going to see an epic showdown in the Western Conference Finals between the Rockets and the Warriors.

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