Please Do Not Price Out Timberwolves Fans

Please Do Not Price Out Timberwolves Fans


Please Do Not Price Out Timberwolves Fans

Dear Mr. Taylor,

I saw this article on the Timberwolves ticket prices:

(Did you see what I did there? I included the organizations’ side of the story as well)

Alright, let me summarize what I read. There are two sides to the story: the fans worried about prices going out of control, versus the organization raising rates because of their newfound success.

I get both sides of the story, and both sides make sense. All I want to say is this: as a Timberwolves fan, I am asking you, kindly and respectfully, to not raise ticket prices to the point where it will price out the average fan.

There are lovely incentives to go to the Target Center—i.e: College Night—and I think this promotion will live on, but will this be the only reason for Timberwolves fans to continue going to games?

Will there be more giveaway nights? Will there be different reasons for fans to say to themselves, “Hey, I’m willing to pay full price for these tickets because I want this giveaway.”

The same applies to season ticket holders. For them, they might need more exclusive items—maybe an autographed jersey, or something along those lines—to support the price increases.

Maybe they will not. Who really knows. We all know this: the reason fans buy tickets varies individually—in other words, it depends.

There’s also this scenario to consider: if and when you will finalize ticket prices for next year, assuming it’s still a work in progress, what will happen if the Timberwolves play poorly next year? Will the ticket prices remain sky high, or will they fluctuate based on the record?

I am sure that’s a scenario Timberwolves fans are contemplating before they click the ‘buy’ button, and so it falls on you, and the rest of the front office within the Timberwolves organization, to outline the vision in a way that’s transparent to every fan.

Maybe you have done so already:

Maybe you have not.

Maybe there’s something that requires further investigation.

Maybe there’s not.


Go Timberwolves! Get your howl on.

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