Yu Darvish isn't coming to the Twins

Yu Darvish isn't coming to the Twins


Yu Darvish isn't coming to the Twins

One of the stories that has lingered around the off season here in Minnesota has been the Twins’ interest in Yu Darvish. Their name keeps popping up in every update on Darvish’s status, and many local fans are getting anxious, saying things like “The Twins should just sign him already.” Let’s address the elephant in the room. Yu Darvish has no intention of signing with the Twins.

For that matter, I don’t know that the Twins are really even all that interested in him.

First, let’s look at it from Yu’s perspective, assuming the teams reported as his finalists a few weeks ago are accurate. Those teams are the Cubs, Yankees, Rangers, Astros and the Twins. The Astros are presumably out, given their acquisition of Gerrit Cole. Assuming money is the same, what elevates the Twins to the top of this heap?

If Yu wants to win, and wants to join a young team with a window that’s wide open, why wouldn’t he go with the Cubs, who have already won the World Series, or the Yankees, whose deep pockets suggest a much longer window of contention? The Astros would also have been a better candidate, given the fact that they won last year. Gerrit Cole is unde team control for a couple more years. Heck, maybe they still could get Darvish.

Sure, I get it, people have said that one of the secret advantages the Twins have is that Yu was recruited to Texas by Thad Levine, and he really enjoyed his time with the Rangers. Well, if that’s the case, why wouldn’t Yu just sign again with the Texas? By the sound of it, that sounds like what the hold up is. Yu has been waiting for the Rangers to up their offer, because that is his preferred destination.

OK, so what if Texas never ponies up the cash for Darvish, then the Twins should be in the mix, right? That’s where the impression that the Twins aren’t as interested as news reports would suggest. They still haven’t brought him in for a visit, or met with him in person, which seems like a vital step to courtship. They haven’t even put together a contract offer, which is something the Brewers have done.

The Twins aren’t signing Yu Darvish. Let’s just settle that right now so we won’t feel collectively let down when he signs with the Cubs next week.

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