How to Get Free Stuff: 2018 Cleveland Indians Edition

How to Get Free Stuff: 2018 Cleveland Indians Edition


How to Get Free Stuff: 2018 Cleveland Indians Edition

Hey there boys and girls, I hope you’re off-season is going swell! If it’s anything like mine, or if you’re just an Indians fan, it’s been pretty boring. Luckily, through this stale hot stove season, the Indians have gifted us with a small blip of amazingness to push us through the next 60 days, and that is the 2018 promo schedule.

Let’s get the bad parts out of the way. Many fans who have purchased ticket-packages around the idea that Saturday’s will bring in the best promos could end up a little disappointed this year. This season, some of the bigger promo items do not fall on the good weekend days (however, all of the Jersey nights do). Totally understandable, the Indians trying to draw in promo crowds on slower days, but to advertising “premium promotional items” for ticket packages aimed for weekend games is a little skewed. Just plan accordingly or pick up a promo pass!

Now for the fun stuff, what promotional items are we getting this season? After multiple texts and tweets, I can promise you the free stuff from the Tribe is supposed to be 🔥🔥🔥. There are tons of cool jerseys, 11 dollar dog nights, SEVENTEEN discount-beer pregame nights and a bunch of cool stuff for the kids!

First up, the bobble heads and jerseys. This season expect four awesome bobble head nights at The Corner. Two-time Cy Young award winner, Corey Kluber, will have his bobble head ready for fans Monday, May 28th. Another pitcher to look out for, our own beloved Carlos Carrasco, will have his bobble head going out to the first 12,500 fans on Thursday, July 12th (sans cookies, unfortunately)! Finally, two bobbles for two relatively new additions (comparatively speaking) to the Tribe. Fans can get their hands on flame thrower Andrew Miller at the gates on June 16th, and power hitter (hopefully parrot included) Edwin Encarnacion August 29th.

Now for the jerseys! One of my favorite promos this season is a jersey from the ‘88 season, a Francona one to be exact. But you must show up nice and early for this one because only 12,500 fans will be able to snag this one, along with some cheap pregame drinks at the block party, on May 26th! Other awesome jerseys I’m sure everyone will get to the games early for (those lines at the gates are getting mighty long), batting practice jerseys on June 23rd, the GOAT Jose Ramirez’ jersey on Saturday, July 7th, new first ballot Hall of Famer Jim Thome comes out Saturday, August 18th and last but certainly not least, the ‘48 grays can be snatched on September 1st.

Cleveland fans can also join in the long awaited celebration in their new Thome jerseys, honoring the iconic 90’s Tribe member getting The Call into the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Other cool promos to watch out for are the beach towels on July 25th to the first 10,000 fans, a jersey yet to be announced on August 8th, a plastic pint glass on June 15thand a tote bag courtesy of MLB Network on April 28th and 29th, just to name a few!

If you have little ones who love the Tribe, there are nine Key Bank Kids Fun Days this season! Kids can run the bases after the game, maybe test out their announcer skills in the booth, or even run out on to the field before the game with the Kids Starting Lineup! Even on not KBKF days parents and kids can check out the double-decker Kids Clubhouse in left field! Parents can let the little ones run around and burn off that excited energy in a safe and secure play place made just for the wee ones!

To top it all off and get everyone pumped for this season, the Indians will put on 14 fireworks nights at Progressive Field! Including the best in baseball, the Rock’n Blast on August 3rd and 4th! If there’s one thing I advise everyone to check out, it’s the amazing work the Indians do putting on Rock’n Blast for their fans, it is an actual blast that I can promise everyone will enjoy.

I don’t know about you, but I am more than ready to get this season going! It should be an amazing season that kicks off with the home opener on April 6th! I hope to see you all at he ballpark ready for free stuff and baseball fun!

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