This offseason is boring: The Berardino Edition

This offseason is boring: The Berardino Edition


This offseason is boring: The Berardino Edition

Mike Berardino has elevated himself in my eyes to attaining the status as one of, if not the best beat writers the Twins have. He provides a lot of good scoops, but is also capable of lending an analytical eye to the team and the news surrounding it. If there is anything going on, Berardino will have a good angle on it. So what’s he writing about?

Ugh. There just isn’t anything baseball to touch upon.

On the other hand, if you are going to write a “what does baseball guy think about football stuff” article, this is as good as it gets. There is some solid research in the article, tying Falvey to the Patriots organization, both through his childhood and a friendship with Scott Pioli, as well as a look back at a collaboration between the Eagles and Indians back when Falvey was in Cleveland. So go ahead and read it, because it’s the best bit of Twins related material you’ve got right now.

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