Kentucky fan drains half-court shot, wins $10K

Kentucky fan drains half-court shot, wins $10K

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Kentucky fan drains half-court shot, wins $10K

A Kentucky fan is now $10,000 richer after taking full advantage of a great opportunity during Saturday’s game at Rupp Arena.

The fan was presented with the chance to attempt a half-court shot during a stoppage of play in the game between Alabama and Kentucky. If he were to make it, then he would win $10,000.

Spoiler alert: He delivered. The man took a step toward the basket and then calmly released the ball, which went through the basket — nothing but net.

The fan’s reaction was priceless, and he seemed to be quite happy about it afterward.

That’s cause for celebration, and it’s likely that the fan did exactly that after sinking the big shot.


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